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The Book of Books
3/9/14 – A Cultural Revolution: Printing, Reformation and the Bible
3/9/14 – A Cultural Revolution: Printing, Reformation and the Bible, Prof. Miriam Eliav-Feldon, Hebrew
New Courses!
Guide Training Course September 7-18, 2014 Galut V'Shivat Tsiyon (Exile and the Return to Zion) opens November 5, 2014 - january 21 2015 10 A New Jerusalem in Babylon - opens February 25, 2015 - may 20, 2015
CUFI Solidarity Mission at the BLMJ
51 American pastors - one from each state and Washington DC - visited Israel on a solidarity trip, toured the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem and heard from senior officials from Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While touring the museum, the pastors visited the Main Exhibition, and the unprecedented 'Book of Books', the internationally-acclaimed exhibition which displays the most important biblical texts ever to be seen in Israel in one show.
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Museum Guide Training
Special course for training freelance and volunteer guides at the BLMJ
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