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Weekend Family Fun
Summer Day-Camp
The Village - Summer Family Fun
The Book of Books
Special offer for visitors to Museum Row
23/7/14 – The Karaites and the Hebrew Bible, Prof. Yoram Erder, Tel-Aviv Univ., Hebrew
23/7/14 – The Karaites and the Hebrew Bible, Prof. Yoram Erder, Tel-Aviv Univ., Hebrew
The BLMJ invites residents of the Gaza area for a special visit!
Museum entrance - free Children can also pick one free activity kit - Mysteries of Ancient Egypt or The Book of Books.we have Protected space! *When presenting photo ID card We have protected space!
Museum Guide Training
Special course for training freelance and volunteer guides at the BLMJ
DIONYSUS : Wine & Divine
Opening: 13/6/14 A brief encounter with the god of wine, intoxication and ecstasy, and his frenzied entourage! In this display of enchanting artifacts, many of which are being exhibited for the first time, view satyrs, maenads and Dionysus himself.
Special offer at the museum shop
15% off on judaica products ! Please mention this ad in order to receive the discount
Summer Day-Camp
Be a part of a HUGE project - establish an ancient village in the heart of the Museum. Build castles, brew potions and create amulets, construct musical instruments, make music...and much more! Last spots still available! Due to high demand, there will be one week summer camps in August For details and registration: education@blmj.org 02-5611066 *Program in Hebrew
Watch a video-clip about the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
Welcome to the BLMJ - short highlight video gives you a taste of what awaits you on your next visit!
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