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Hanukka of Light for Whole Family
Coming soon - New Exhibition
New Course
31/12/14 - Lecture:
Hagia Polis Hierosalima – The Holy City Under the Cross, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ., Hebrew
Hamshushalayim, Shlomo Bar 18/12/14
A musical performance from the repertoire of "Habrera Hativeet": How Jews See the Word You don't want to miss it!!!
24/12/14 – Hanukkah – No Lecture
Hamsushalaim at the Museum - The greatest stories of love, jealousy, life and death
New exhibition "By the Rivers of Babylon", opening: February 2. Watch the video >>
Special previews on Wednesdays during January!
New Course
Watch a video-clip about the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
Welcome to the BLMJ - short highlight video gives you a taste of what awaits you on your next visit!
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