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The Village - Summer Family Fun
Just About the Book
The Book of Books
CUFI Solidarity Mission at the BLMJ
51 American pastors - one from each state and Washington DC - visited Israel on a solidarity trip, toured the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem and heard from senior officials from Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While touring the museum, the pastors visited the Main Exhibition, and the unprecedented 'Book of Books', the internationally-acclaimed exhibition which displays the most important biblical texts ever to be seen in Israel in one show.
Our Wednesday evening lectures will be back in September!
Visit blmj.org later this month to get more information about the new lectures offered beginning next month.
Summer Family Fun The Village
Sundays through Thursdays, August 6 – 26: 10:00, 11:00, & 12:00 Behind the official facade of the museum there is a magical portal, and everyone who passes through it goes back in time to a village that is thousands of years old, but only if they have the right keys. Whoever finds the enchanted keys can visit the huts in the village and meet the workers from long ago to learn the secrets of their trades.
Special offer for visitors to Museum Row
The BLMJ invites residents of the Gaza area for a special visit!
Museum entrance - free Children can also pick one free activity kit - Mysteries of Ancient Egypt or The Book of Books.we have Protected space! *When presenting photo ID card We have protected space!
Museum Guide Training
Special course for training freelance and volunteer guides at the BLMJ
Special offer at the museum shop
15% off on products for kids ! In addition, 10% off on 2014-2015 calendars ! Please mention this ad in order to receive the discount
Watch a video-clip about the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
Welcome to the BLMJ - short highlight video gives you a taste of what awaits you on your next visit!
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