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Babylonian Village - August Family Fun
Important new evidence of the Judean Exiles
Wednesday Evenings By the Rivers of Babylon
Our fresco room will be temporarily closed
Wednesday Evenings By the Rivers of Babylon
This August the BLMJ has collaborated with artists and performers from across Israel to bring you a series of exciting evenings inspired by the exhibition By the Rivers of Babylon. Through art and live performance, these evenings explore Jewish culture from the Babylonian Exile that celebrates the diversity of present day Israel
August Family Fun
Join us for a day in a Babylonian village - we'll cook, write, dress up and enjoy creative activities by the rivers of Babylon - just like in the olden times! Activity lasts 2 hours and is ideal for ages 5 – 10. Advanced registration is required as space is limited.
Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
Second year in a row!
Special tours - guided tour in French
Exhibition Catalogue - By the Rivers of Babylon
"It is a masterful job, both from the viewpoint of scholarly content and visual beauty. You managed to take something that is mostly cuneiform tablets and make them interesting and exciting and, as supplemented with other items — archaeological artifacts and colorful pictures - much beauty. I am very admiring." Hershel Shanks, Editor, Biblical Archaeology Review
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Welcome to the BLMJ - short highlight video gives you a taste of what awaits you on your next visit!
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