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15.11.17 – The Riddle of the Akra and New Discoveries from the City of David
Ayala Zilberstein, Tel-Aviv Univ., (Hebrew)         

The Akra citadel is well known from the literature as a citadel which was built by Antiochus IV on the eve of the Maccabean revolt. 
According the sources, this citadel continued to exist many years after the conquest of the temple by Judas Maccabaeus.

Despite the more than 150 years of excavations in Jerusalem and many descriptions about the Akra in the literature, no clear remains were found. 
This lack of evidence led to a controversy among the researchers regarding the reconstruction of the Akra and of the city.

Following the recent discovery of monumental military architecture remains in the Giva’ti parking lot excavations located in the City of David, Dr. Ben-Ami and Dr. Tchekhanovets have suggested identifying them as a part of the Seleucid Akra citadel.
No less interesting than the discoveries themselves was the process of discovery and the research itself.


During this presentation, we will follow the process of discovering the remains of the fortification from the Giva’ti parking lot, examine the data and try to discuss the possible interpretations and their implications.


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