Programs and Activities

Wednesday's Lectures


Wednesdays | 19:30 | Free with Museum Admission


17.1.18 –  "The Bible’s Greatest Ideas: A 21st Century Perspective"*  Lecture II
The Journey to the Homeland, Dr. Orit Avnery, Hartman Institute, (Hebrew)


24.1.18 – 15th Annual Dr. Elie Borowski Memorial Lecture, Roman Fresco, Stucco and Mosaic Pavements: Theory and Practice After Vitruvius, Pliny and the Archaeological Record, Prof. Ronny Reich, Haifa Univ (English)


31.1.18 – "The Bible’s Greatest Ideas: A 21st Century Perspective"*  Lecture III 
From a New God to a New Man: Two Biblical Revolutions, Dr. Micah Goodman, Hartman Institute, Ein Prat – The Midrasha, (Hebrew)   


7.2.18 – "The Bible’s Greatest Ideas: A 21st Century Perspective"*  Lecture IV
Who are the Jews: Genesis vs. Exodus, Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, Hartman Institute (Hebrew)  


14.2.18 – New Finds Along The High Level Aqueduct to Jerusalem, Ya'akov Billig, Antiquities Authority (Hebrew)


21.2.18 – "The Bible’s Greatest Ideas: A 21st Century Perspective"*  Lecture V
 The Irony of Fate: The Meanings of Megillat Esther, Rabbi Dr. Shraga Bar-On (Hebrew)


28.2.18 – Purim – No Lecture


7.3.18 – Back to Qumran: Ten Years of Excavation at Qumran, Dr. Yitzhak Magen,Antiquities Authority (Hebrew)


14.3.18 – Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context, Tova Ganzel, Bar Ilan Univ, (Hebrew)


21.3.18 – Capital City and a Border town in the Kingdom of Judah: A view from Jerusalem and Libnah, Dr. Joe Uziel (Israel Antiquities Authority); Dr. Itzick Shai (The Institute of Archaeology, Ariel University) (Hebrew)


28.3.18 – Gallery Talk – To Be Announced


4.4.18 – Passover – No Lecture


11.4.18 – Holocaust Memorial – No Lecture


18.4.18 – Yom Hazikaron – No Lecture


25.4.18 – To Be Announced



*Special Lecture Series 
The Bible’s Greatest Ideas: A 21st C. Perspective   
The BLMJ and Shalom Hartman Institute invite you to a new lecture series that examines the basic principles that are the foundation of Jewish culture and thought to this day.
The series will explore formative stories from the Bible in relation to their impact on the identification of the People of Israel – the People of the Book.


**All programs subject to change.