Programs and Activities


Wednesdays | 19:30 | Free with Museum Admission


20.9.17  Rosh Hashanah Eve – No Lecture


27.9.17  Galilee from Alexander the Great to King Herod, DrUzi Leibner; Hebrew Univ., (Hebrew)


4.10.17 Sukkot Holiday – No Lecture


11.10.17  Sukkot Holiday – No Lecture


18.10.17   The Stepped Street Excavations - A New Light on the Prefects and the Destruction, Moran Hagbi, Antiquities Authority, (Hebrew)


25.10.17  From Gehazi to Jesus: The Foundation of Christianity in the Babylonian Talmud, Dr Amram Tropper, Ben-Gurion Univ, (Hebrew)


1.11.17  "A land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou mayest dig brass" and Alabaster? A New Discovery, Prof. Amos Frumkin, Hebrew Univ., (Hebrew)


8.11.17  Agrarian Settlements in the Lod Basin During The Hellenist and Roman Eras, Yehiel Zelinger, Antiquities Authority, (Hebrew)


15/11/17 – The Riddle of the Akra and New Discoveries from the City of David
Ayala Zilberstein, Tel-Aviv Univ., (Hebrew)                                                                 


22.11.17 – The Hills of Modiin in the Hellenistic and Hasmonean Period in Light of Recent Archaeological Excavations, Avraham Tendler, Antiquities Authority, (Hebrew)   


29.11.17  Ancient Caves, Tunnels and Scrolls - New Discoveries from the Judean Desert, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ., (Hebrew)


6.12.17  New Discoveries from The Fourth Expedition to Lachish, Prof. Yosef Garfinkel, Hebrew Univ., (Hebrew)


13.12.17  Hanukkah – No Lecture

20.12.17 – Back to Qumran: Ten Years of Excavation at Qumran, Dr. Yitzhak Magen, IAA, (Hebrew)  


27.12.17– Life and Not Death: Renewed Excavations at Beit She'arim, Dr. Adi Erlich, Haifa Univ., (Hebrew)

*All programs subject to change.