New Exhibition - Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece

Opening: January 26, 2017

The most comprehensive exhibition of Ancient Greek ceramics ever to be seen in Israel

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem opens a new exhibition Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece.
Presenting the most exquisite collection of ancient Greek pottery in Israel, it dates back 4,000 years.

The collection on display features masterpieces of rare quality, ranging from the second millennium BCE to the end of the fifth century BCE.


Some of these pottery vessels were designed to serve as water, oil and wine containers, others, the small jars and pots, were created to hold precious ointments and perfumes.
The pots were decorated by the finest artists of the day, and were adorned with stunning images of the godly, mortal, and heroic worlds.
These elaborate images provide us with valuable insights regarding the habits, customs, and crafts of the Ancient Greeks, and are perhaps the richest source of information on their lives that we have today.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Silvia Rozenberg, who holds a PhD in Art History and Archaeology and is an expert in Greek and Roman cultures.
A full catalogue of the collection written by Dr. Rozenberg is being published in English.

The exhibition is theme based: It offers an excellent explanation of the manufacturing and decoration techniques of Greek ceramics, showing how this style evolved over the years; but the focus of the exhibition revolves around the elaborate narration of Greek mythology, its gods and heroes.

The exhibition follows the stories of Herakles, Theseus, and the heroes of the Trojan War.
The exhibition traces the world of men portrayed through scenes of war and athletics.
It follows the footsteps of the women of Ancient Greece by depicting the feminine role model as bride, the woman in her domestic domain as well as women's religious rituals.
The exhibition also explores the circle of life and death, through vessels that carried burial offerings.

We are delighted to invite you to discover the ancient cultures of Greece, with its rich culture, infused with love, entertainment, sport, education, and war.
The gods, heroes and mortals of Ancient Greece — Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Herakules, Achilles —are waiting for you.

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             credit: Vladimir Naikhin                                                                                       
credit: Vladimir Naikhin