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Sura and Pumbedita - Talmudic Academies
Summer Day Camp - Adventures Around the Ancient World
Hike with the Museum to Lachish
Special tour - guided tour in French
Bein Hametzarim - Gallery Talk
Weekend Family Fun
Wednesday Evenings By the Rivers of Babylon
August Family Fun
Weekend Family Fun

Saturdays | 10:00 – 14:00 | Free admission for children!
Self-guided activity

New! Lost at the Museum
Join the Princess and the Wizard on their spectacular journey in search of their lost heirlooms. Look for shiny jewelry and hunting tools that have vanished in the palace, and discover ancient spells and mysterious papyrus writings. But beware of the lurking demons that are trying to throw you off the trail!
Mystery at the Museum

Princess Shirin of Persia is a gifted woman – she plays instruments, sings, dances and is a strong leader, commanding a whole army to protect her kingdom from harm. But lo and behold, the p
rincess’ precious jewelry has disappeared along with her hunting tools! Help the princess find her possessions by unraveling the clues, and using the “adventure book” and map to guide you on your journey to solving the mystery.

The Magic Hut
Help the wizard find his valuable belongings!  Missing carved amulets with special seals, protection against demons and ancient spells written on papyrus scrolls are hidden throughout the Museum. Find the wizard's missing magical possesions on this magical journey of spells and charms.

*Tour booklets for children (ages 4-6, fee)

*Mummy Kit – Secrets of Ancient Egypt (fee)

Ideal for Shabbat observant families when tickets purchased in advance.

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