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The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art


                                                                            Artist: Hila Ben Ari, Sign (Ot) 2016
                                                                                       Photo: Asaf Saban

The Jerusalem Biennale is dedicated to exploring the places in which Contemporary Art and the Jewish World of Content meet. It is a stage for professional artists, who create today and refer in their work to Jewish thought, spirit, tradition or experience, to exhibit their work in Jerusalem. 

Diversity and Dialogue

The main mission of the Jerusalem Biennale is to allow different creative forces to manifest themselves, in Jerusalem, within the framework of Contemporary Jewish Art.
The Biennale strives to exhibit the most updated, challenging, creative and varied selection of exhibitions and events under that framework.

The Biennale explores the possibility of expanding the concept of Jewish Art beyond the field of Judaica (though it is certainly possible that works of Judaica will be incorporated in the exhibitions) to mediums such as photography, video art, installation and performance. The Biennale works in a bottom-up approach — we do not try to define what Contemporary Jewish Art is, but rather to discover a variety of creative responses that this combination might provoke.



Watershed 2017

Adam: Male and Female Created He Them | October 2 – November 16

Participating Artists: Micha Ullman, Efrat Natan ,Hilla Ben Ari, Nechama Golan

The deep structure of the works reveals the common roots between these working artists who belong to different social and religious circles: Bringing together these works reveals a common ground, that of Jewish culture and its position of full equality between women and men. 



Curators: Rivka Baklash and Ruti Rubenstein


Gallery talk in the Jerusalem Biennale exhibition:
Friday | October 20 | 12:00 | with the curator Rivka Baklash and with the artist: Nechama Golan  

*Free with museum admission



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                     Artist: Hila Ben Ari, 'Dawn'2011                                                 Artist: Nechama Golan 
                                Photo: Amit Yasour                                               Created as Male and Female, 2016-2017


                          Artist: Efrat Natan                                                            Artist: Micha Ullman
                          Yousef 1980-2017                                                             Who What, 2009