Special Themed Tours


Celebrating 70 years to Israel

At  the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem


The BLMJ presents the history of mankind from a biblical perspective, in one of the most important collections of artifacts from the ancient Near East.
Visitors are able to explore the region where the Bible developed and the relationships between the various peoples and cultures that lived in the area.
In addition, the museum routinely hosts innovative exhibitions that focus on topics related 
to these cultures.


In celebration of the  State of Israel's 70th year of independence, the BLMJ is launching a new exhibition and an innovative multidisciplinary display, each offering fresh and up-to-date perspectives on the region and Israel — the Jewish nation and the start-up nation.


Start Up Bible Nation 

An extraordinary and innovative multi-disciplinary display combines high-tech exhibits with the museum's permanent  ancient exhibits to investigate one of the most interesting issues 
of the last decade - the proclamation of Israel as the start-up nation.
Using a range of media, the display connects some of modern Israel’s most intriguing and leading start-ups to their roots in the ancient cultures that inhabited the region.
These cultures each, in their own way, changed the course of history.    Starts: January 2018





Out of the Blue 

The exhibition embarks on a journey which starts in the heavens, the abode of the divine yearned for by mankind throughout the generations.
The quest for the  heavenly blue leads us to the depths of the sea where we encounter an enigmatic creature – the source of the most brilliant and prestigious 
of colors.
Winding our way through its shades and hues we follow the Tekhelet thread as
it takes us from the secrets of the ancient dyers to the vibrant blue of Israel’s                                        national flag. Opening: March 2018



You are invited on a journey through time connecting the past, present, and future; from the days of the patriarchs through the formation of the Jewish people, all the way to the declaration of Israel's independence and growth as the world’s start-up nation.



Special Themed Tours for Groups:

Start-Up Bible Nation Tour:  On the occasion of Israel's 70th year of independence, we will embark on a tour of the region from where this young nation emerged…amongst the ancient Near Eastern cultures and the cradle of civilization.
During the tour we take a peek at inventions that long ago became an integral part of our lives, and look at some of the young Israeli companies behind the most successful and surprising start-ups of today. We will encounter  the challenges that both modern inventors and people in the past faced. Together, we will gain an understanding what makes this region’s inhabitants some of the greatest inventors in history.


Out of the Blue - During the tour of the exhibition we follow the search for the blue Tchelet color and learn about its significance in Judaism and the cultures of the ancient Near East.
We discover the murex snail from which the blue and purple colors were extracted, and encounter the Phoenicians known for their expertise in producing these colors.

The tour features archaeological and literary evidence for the production of these blue and purple dyes, their uses and the meanings ascribed to them as the colors of kingship and divinity. 
Finally, we trace the thread of tchelet, which was incorporated into the biblical commandment to wear tzitzit strings, and see how it became a source of inspiration for the flag of the State of Israel.


HERITAGE TOUR: Journey in the footsteps of the Bible:
Discover Abraham’s journey to the Promised Land. Visit Egypt at the time of Jacob and his sons, and learn about the events and heroes of the Bible.
The tour brings to light the most significant and influential events in Biblical history. 

*Special packages for Christian groups - including optional Bible study session

*Special packages for Jewish groups - focusing on Jerusalem  and the land of Israel in relation to the greater region from the beginning of civilization to the 2nd Temple period.


Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece: The dramatic world of ancient Greek mythology is revealed in this new exhibition presenting rare and exquisite examples of ancient Greek pottery dating back 4,000 years.
On display are masterpieces of rare quality, ranging from the second millennium BCE to the end of the fifth century BCE.
Come and discover the ancient cultures of Greece, through these elaborately painted ceramics.


Jerusalem in Babylon: New Light on the Judean Exiles

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, and there we wept when we remembered Zion.” Psalm 137
Jerusalem in Babylon: New Light on the Judean Exiles, displaying the important cuneiform table that shed light on the Judean exiles in Babylon after the destruction of the First Temple.
These clay tablets, known as the Al-Yahudu Tablets, provide unique evidence of the daily life of the Judean exiles and shed light on a flourishing community in the Diaspora under the rule of the Babylonian and Persian Empires.


Museum Highlight Tour: Emphasizing the spiritual and cultural worlds of Canaan, Egypt, Babylon, and more; explore the interconnections between the rich cultures of the Ancient Near East.

Roman Fresco Room- Visit Pompeii: An exquisite collection of Roman frescoes from the 1st century – on display by request only.

The Classical Tour: A highlight tour of the masterpieces on display in the special exhibitions: 

Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece |  Dionysus : Wine & Divine |  The Classical Court

  • *Max 35 persons per group |  Tours last between 45-75 minutes.


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