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Sukkoth for the whole family

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The first ever Festival of Ancient Writing in Israel for the whole family

  Free entry for children starting first grade!

        (Program in Hebrew)

 Chol HaMoed Sukkoth |  September 25-27,2018 | Tuesday–Thursday | 10:00-16:00

To celebrate the new school year, the Bible Lands Museum invites children from all over Israel to come together with their parents this Sukkoth to a festival of the origins of writing, letters and words. This unique project gives visitors the opportunity to trace the invention of writing in its different forms, and learn about changes in written communication over time. Participants will explore the shared origins of all forms of writing, including ideograms of animals, human figures, body parts, structures, objects, and more, which later evolved into the written signs we know it today.

The Festival will host fun, immersive tours through the museum involving the Phoenician and Jewish alphabets. There will be games based on ancient languages, art workshops and an art fair featuring items for sale all to do with different styles of writing. Visitors will investigate ancient languages, and modern reinventions of those languages, including the brilliant “Aravrit” joint Hebrew/Arabic script recently developed in Israel.  Participants will be able to delve deep into the rich heritage of ancient Hebrew, cuneiform script, Egyptian hieroglyphs and more.

There will also be a chance to witness a masterful Torah scribe at work, and observe the beautifully intricate process of writing with a quill on parchment. Those with a creative flair will be able to try their hands at engraving cuneiform texts on clay and stamping their own personal impression on a huge wall of seals in the garden. All this will be set against the fascinating examples of ancient writings displayed throughout the galleries of the museum, including hieroglyphics found in Egyptian burial caves and cuneiform texts thousands of years old, as well as other writings.

Adults / children: 32 NIS | Senior Citizens: 22 NIS | Member: Free


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Entry to the Festival of Ancient Writing, taking place during Sukkoth at the museum is offered at the discounted price:
Adults/children: 27 NIS (Normal price – 32 NIS) | Senior Citizens: 17 NIS (Normal price – 22 NIS)
*Upon presentation of an entrance ticket to the "The Blue Stone Trail" – Hasmonean Aqueduct *

Entry to the The Blue Stone Trail – Hasmonean Aqueduct is offered at the discounted price of: 10 NIS 
(Normal price–15 NIS*Upon presentation of an entrance ticket to the Festival of Writing*



Photo: David Saad


                 Guided Tours at the exhibition: Out of the blue


                                                           25-27 September | Tuesday–Thursday
                                                              Hebrew: 10:00,11:00,12:00,14:00
                                                                          English: 10:30,12:30 


                                                                              28.9 | Friday
                                                                             Hebrew: 11:00

                                                                             English: 10:30

                                                                            29.9 | Saturday
                                                                        Only in Hebrew: 11:30 

                                                                             30.9 | Friday
                                                                            Hebrew: 11:00

                                                                            English: 10:30