The Exhibit - 'Behind the Mask'

The exhibit opens at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem titled 'Behind the Mask', made up entirely of masks belonging to private individuals.
For the first time in history, the public will showcase their personal treasures in this museum.
The exhibit is part of a new initiative at the BLMJ, "Community Curates" where in the public has been invited to dust off their treasures and put them on display.

Behind the Mask features masks from all continents, ancient and modern, from collectors all over israel.
The objects selected for display in this first in a series of Community Curates exhibits, late in innovative ways to artifacts from the Main Exhibition of the BLMJ.

באדיבות פרנסואז קוריאט, צילום: טל פיין
In courtesy of Francoise Couriet, photo: Tal Fine