Programs and Activities

My country has a birthday - Theatrical story time

Spring series in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary


An hour-long magical, multi-sensory experience mixing stories, creativity,
a thrilling tour and incredible spectacle.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, children will have the chance to travel to distant places and hear about the history of the Jewish people, from Abraham the Hebrew to David Ben-Gurion.

Five weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 16:45 |
Ages 4-8 | Included in museum admission fee


23/5 | Jerusalem, the Center of the kingdom of Judah. “For the Philistines said, lest the Hebrews make a sword or a spear.” About the struggle between peasants and professional warriors, and how one small stone tipped the balance between the little David and the giant Goliath.


6/6   | The Exile – Jacob’s Dream. Angels go up and down a ladder with one end on the ground and the other in the heavens. Only one angel, appointed to Rumi, goes up and up without coming down... join us to discover why!


20/6 | The Revival - Returning to the Land of Israel as David Ben-Gurion Declares a State. Blue and white and everything in between - the story of the Israeli flag and the story of a newly born state.