Programs and Activities

Hanukkah Family Fun

In Search of the Secret of the Lost Hanukah Menorah Oil 

Free admission to the Museum for Children!

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Theatrical Tours with Actors and Creative art workshop*
Travel with us back to first Temple times! Unlock the secrets and mysteries of the miraculous oil!  Our Hanukah adventure includes an amazing scientific, magic, mystical treasure hunt for the whole family. 
Our guides are Biblical characters come - to- life: Shimon the Hasmonean Maccabee, younger brother of Judah the Maccabee, also on board are the spooky oil whisperer and the confused cook. 
Join the holy mission to find the missing menorah for the Temple after the liberation of Jerusalem and surrender of the Greeks, and take part in the re-kindling. 
Join a creative art workshop! Everyone will be given oil, paints and lights of all kinds from which they will enrich the celebration with a personal artistic flourish.

Special Show - Dr. Molecule*
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday - Monday, at 12:00
Every day at 12:00 during the weekdays of Hanukah, the museum will also host a special show featuring lights, fire and pillars of smoke -- starring the museum's own resident wizard -- Dr. Molecule.  His spellbinding performance combines science magic and lots of surprises for a fun and family-friendly educational experience.

Theatrical tour & workshop: Child - 35 NIS, Adult - 15 NIS
Theatrical tour, workshop and show: Child - 50 NIS, Adult - 30 NIS (only 15 NIS for the show)
Show only: Child or Adult - 30 NIS
Place is limited, advanced registration required: 02-5611066

Guided tours for adults
Guided tours in the spirit of Hanukkah, including the special exhibitions By the Rivers of Babylon and
Moshe Zabari - Retrospective, free with Museum admission:
English - 10:30
Hebrew - 11:00, 12:30, 13:30
French - December 12 at 12:00
Russian - December 9 at 12:00