Programs and Activities

Chanukah for the whole family


The Bible Lands Museum celebrates Hanukah
with a bright  and  thrilling immersive activity

You are invited to participate in a theatrical tour and a creative workshop
and to watch a new performance by the Orna Porat Theater

Thursday | December 14 | 26 Kislev
Sunday – Wednesday | December 17-20 | 29 Kislev-2 Tevet
Between 10:00-16:00
Children enter the museum free of charge during chanukah

 (Program in Hebrew)

For ages  5-10  


Prometheus and the Gift of Fire 

A theatrical tour tracking fire in Greek mythology, followed by  a fascinating creative workshop



The giant Prometheus created people in the image of the Greek gods, but when it turned out that they could not defend themselves, he "stole" fire from the gods and gave it as a gift to mankind...

Join us on a theatrical tour and meet with gods and giants of Greek mythology and discover what happened to Prometheus when the gods discovered what he did, and how everything changed in the wake of the gift of fire to the nations and cultures of the world.

Tours depart at Thusday, Sunday- Wednesday | December 14, 17-20 
10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 | Approx. 2 hours 

Child: Free | Adult: 22 NIS | Subscribe Adult: Free
Children must be accompanied by an adult | Max. of 4 children per adult | 
Pre-registration required


           Courtesy of Ministry of Jerusalem Heritage and The Jerusalem
Development Authority




The Never Ending Treasure
A Performance from the Orna Porat Theater



A shrewd legend about Mother Earth and the power of perseverance, dedication and determination.

A brother and sister receive a plot of land from their father. The land is dry and neglected, but the father promises them that "there is a hidden treasure in this land”.

The two siblings immediately begin to dig and turn over the earth with all their strength, but they find nothing. When they complain to their father, the father insists that the treasure is in the ground. While the brother gives up and goes looking for shortcuts to obtain his own "treasure" elsewhere, the sister begins to understand the meaning of the treasure their wise father referred to.

In the end, the siblings understand that the earth itself is the treasure, and with perseverance, devotion, hard work, and of course love, the land will give us more and more, like an endless treasure.

Play: Gil Tsarnovitz and Meital Selekmon-Reten Directed by: Gil Tzarnovitz
Scenery and costumes: Liron Menkin Illustrations: Yael Erlich Doll Production: Moria 
Avot Music: Gil Nagel
Production and patents: Didi Alon Accessories: Narkis Alba Director: Yael Chechanover
Participants: Meital Selekmon-Reten, Elad Mizrahi

Sunday – Wednesday | 17-20.12 | 11:00 | 12:00 
Child: 30 NIS | Subscribe child: 25 NIS | Adult / Subscribe Adult:  22 NIS
Pre-registration required 



           Courtesy of  Ministry of Jerusalem Heritage and The Jerusalem
Development Authority



                                                                          Link to video



Tour and workshop tickets:
Children: Free | Accompanying adults: 22 NIS
Show tickets:
Children: 30 NIS| Accompanying adults: 22 NIS | Subscrib child: 30 NIS 



Activity books, Apps and Self – Guided Activities

The BLMJ race
BLMJ App game- special tour for Chanukah – 


An activity booklet based on the character Shamshi.

Babel ( Suitable for ages 3-6) – 5 NIS
Large Shamshi ( Suitable for ages 8 and up) – 20 NIS 


The Mummy
Uncover ancient Egyptian secrets of mummification and discover- Self activity booklet – 5 NIS


Don't look at the pitcher
Play in the "Gods, Heroes and Mortals in ancient Greece" exhibition, based on the game 20.  Free 



Guided Tours

Thusday, December 14 | Sunday- Wednesday December 17-20.12
English – 10:30
Hebrew – 11:00
Hebrew – 14:00 

Wednesday, December 20 |  Additional tour 
English – 17:30
Hebrew – 18:00