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Hanukkah Family Fun
Jerusalem in Babylonia - International Conference
Special Course
Weekend Family Fun
Hanukkah Family Fun

Hanukkah for the whole family

Free admission to the museum for children!

Sunday - Tuesday, December 21 - 23

(Program in Hebrew)

Light vs Dark
Day Activity

The conflict between darkness and light has continued for thousands of years, and this Hanukkah you are invited to join us at the Museum as we determine who is stronger – darkness or light?
Wondrous legends recall the powers of both these forces, but can light exist without darkness? Did the Ancient Greeks discover the answer? Where is Antiochus hiding in the Museum? Who turned off the lamp? We'll watch a shadow theater performance and discover who stole the fire. Finally, we will create our own shadow theater inspired by the characters we encountered during the tour.

Hours: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00
Activity duration: 1 ½ hours
Tour & workshop price: Child: 35 NIS, Child of Museum members: 30 NIS, Adult: 25 NIS.


Who's Afraid of the Dark?
Evening Activity

Night is falling and the museum is silent ... an ancient Judean Maccabean army scroll sends us on a secret mission…guided by flashlights.
Silently, and under cover of darkness, we visit the great kingdoms of the past and collect objects that will assist us in the battle against the Greeks. During the tour we will discover what a royal bedroom looked like, why the Egyptians were afraid of the dark, and we will spy on Antiochus' camp to find out how the Greeks defended themselves. A reward awaits us if we succeed!
At the end of the tour we will prepare festive lanterns!
This activity will end with candle lighting and doughnuts for participants!

Hours: 17:00 only
Activity duration: 1 ½ hours
Tour & Workshop price: Child 40 NIS, Child of Museum members: 35 NIS, Adult: 25 NIS

Special Hanukkah guided tours for adults: English - 10:30 Hebrew - 11:00, 12:30, 13:30

Limited places available! Advance registration is required >>




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