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Traveling Museum- In the Valley of David and Goliath

(Program in Hebrew)


The Bible Lands Museum invites you to a series of tours of the Judean Lowlands accompanying the exhibition
"In the Valley of David and Goliath"
The successful series of tours by the Bible Lands Museum goes on the road again, for the eighth year.

The Museum will give the public a chance to tour the most beautiful and fascinating archeological sites in the country.
These tours will bring the Bible back to life through breathtaking archeological discoveries that see light for the first time after thousands of years in the ground.

Each tour is coordinated with the excavation season at the site, inviting visitors to experience the moments of discovery first-hand, guided by archeological researchers and excavation site directors.
The tours will be led by Yehuda Kaplan, BLMJ curator and licensed tour guide, who will provide the insight and commentary into the "backstage" of the world of archeology.

In celebration of the upcoming new exhibition, "In the Valley of David and Goliath", the Traveling Museum series returns with a series of special tours to key sites in the Shfela region.
Each tour will provide participants a chance to discover the secrets of the Judean Lowlands, an area of great strategic importance throughout history and especially in biblical times.

On each tour we will meet the site archaeologists and experience through their eyes the excavation experience and the excitement of discovering and deciphering the findings. 
The tours will be led by Yehuda Kaplan, curator at the museum and a certified guide.

Tour participants will enjoy special tours of the new exhibition "In the Valley of David and Goliath".

Forthcoming Tours: 

Third Tour- Tel Azekah and Ruins of Qeiyafa
Led by Professor Oded Lifshitz 
Monday| August 1,2016 | 08:00

We will begin in Tel Azekah (Tel Zechariah), located between the highlands and lowlands of the Shfela, on a main intersection of strategic importance, inhabited during the Bronze and Iron Periods. The director of excavations at Tel Azeka, Prof. Oded Lifschitz, will present the findings of the excavation in recent years, including fortifications, dwellings, seals bearing the inscription "for the King" and other findings.

We will continue to the small hill overlooking the Elah Valley, to the ruins of Qeiyafa, a small town surrounded by a wall with two gateways.

The city, built 3,000 years ago, was located on the border between Judah and the land of the Philistines and existed for several decades, before it was abandoned mysteriously. The tour will trace the city's fortifications, its two impressive gates and the residential quarters. We will learn about the unique findings discovered in it - inscriptions, models of temples and more - and learn about various theories of experts that attempt to answer the puzzle of the identity of the city's inhabitants.
We will meet at the Museum at 08:00, and return in the afternoon.

Fourth Tour- An evening at the Qeiyafa Ruins
An evening tour of the site and "Musikiafa" - a work inspired by the historic site and the new exhibition.
Guided by Yehuda Kaplan, Curator and Certified tour guide
Sunday | August 28,2016 | 14:30

In the location of the epic battle between David and Goliath, in the Valley of Elah, the fourth tour will begin.
The city, built 3,000 years ago, was located on the border between Judah and the land of the Philistines, inhabited for several decades before it was abandoned mysteriously. Among the ancient ruins are mysteries and questions hidden away which incite the imagination… Who were the inhabitants of the city? Canaanites, Philistines, or maybe the subjects of King David during the early days of his rule? The tour will take us through the impressive city gates; we will follow the fortifications of the city and stroll among the residential quarters which give us a glimpse of the way of life of the residents of the city and their customs.

The tour will culminate in an original musical performance composed and performed by Rali Margalit, who is considered to be one of the most original and intriguing artists in Israeli world music. Musikiafa is an original work inspired by the historic site and created especially for the exhibition.
The work transcends audiences to life in a biblical city in the Elah Valley, the surrounding nature, small town life, everyday crafts, the sounds of the night and more.
We will meet at the Museum at 14:00, and return in the evening.

Fifth Tour- Ruins of Madras

Led by Dr. Orit Peleg -Barkat, Director of excavations
Thursday | September 22,2016 |14:30

The last tour in the series will begin at the Ruins of Madras, an important relic of the history of the rural settlements in Judah during the Hellenistic and Roman period. 
This ancient settlement was the largest and richest of the Judean Lowlands during its time, and most experts believe the site was re-established by King Herod. 
During the tour we will be exposed to the discoveries of the first excavation season as well as discoveries from past surveys and excavations. 

We will continue to the Itri Ruins which are the site of a Second Temple Period settlement which survived the Great Revolt and was abandoned during the Bar KoKhba Revolt.
We will take a tour through the city's public and residential buildings, man-made caves, underground warehouses, refuge systems and more.

We will meet at the Museum at 14:00, and return in the evening.


Single tour price: 170 ₪
Members: 150 ₪
Price for 3 tours or more - ₪ 155; Members -
 135 ₪

Advance registration is required, limited number of participants.

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