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The Code

"The Code" – for inquisitive kids! Deciphering riddles from ancient times
Every Wednesday | July-August | 18:00
The Bible Lands Museum presents an unforgettable detective experience for the whole family - deciphering riddles from ancient times created by prophets, priests, wise men and warriors of ancient cultures. The riddles will lead the participants between the galleries of the museum and will reveal to the group a fantastic world from times gone by. The group has only 60 minutes to crack the code against the ticking clock… Or they will fail at their important task… Are you ready for the challenge?


Designed for children ages 8-12, duration: approx. 1 hour.

Museum admission is free for children!

Price: kids: 22 NIS, price for 3 kids/members: 55 NIS.

Price for the entire series including 11 sessions: 217 NIS. Adults: 50% discount on museum admission.

No double discounts.
Tickets should be purchased in advance at: 02-5611066. Limited number of participants.