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Purim at the BLMJ

Purim at the BLMJ: Mysteries in the Persian Empire, a royal visit to Ahasuerus' palace, and competitions!


Free Entrance for Children – This Purim at the BLMJ


The BLMJ is excited to invite you to go on a journey with the characters of the Megillah, to decode secretive scrolls from the Megillah and to visit Ahasuerus' palace.


Esther, Mordecai, Ahasuerus, Vashti, and all the well-known characters of the Megillah find themselves in the midst of the BLMJ, and begin their wonderful mystery tour in the museum. In their journey they shall investigate the mysteries of the Persian Empire, leading the visitors to try and solve the riddles and discover the secrets of the Empire. In the spirit of Purim, we shall have an award winning rally. The tour will end with an arts and crafts workshop in which we'll learn how to make royal seal rings – just like the ones Ahasuerus and Haman used to sign their royal commands.


In addition to our special Purim tour, the public is invited to visit our up and running exhibition "In the Land of David and Goliath – The Qeiyafa Realm", with our new app, which includes a voiced guided tour which humorously depicts the famous battle of David and Goliath.


(Program in Hebrew)





Theatrical Purim themed tours for children: Sun-Mon (12.3-13.3) at 10:30 and at 12:00. The activity is a 90 minute activity for children aged 5+. After the theatrical tour the children are welcome to enjoy activities and riddles – free of charge. RSVP


Regular museum tours during the Holiday: with no additional fee to the museums' entrance fee:


Friday (10.3)

10:30 English tour

11:00 Hebrew tour


Sunday (12.3)

10:30 English tour

10:30 Hebrew tour

11:00 Hebrew tour

12:00 Hebrew tour