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Wednesday | 19:30 | Free with Museum admission

10/2/16 – Special Guest lecture
Keeping the Enemy Out - The Control Over Territory in Ancient Egypt
Dr. Carola Vogel, Johannes Gutenberg Univ. Mainz, English

17/2/16 – The Deputy of Bar Kokhba – Deputies in History
Dr. Ilan Abecassis, Gordon College of Education, Hebrew

24/2/16 – The Emergence of the Kingdom of Judah: Between Samaria and Jerusalem,
Dr. Omer Sergi, Tel Aviv Univ., Hebrew

2/3/16 – Book Launch for the "Monastery of Martyrius" from theBook Series Christians and Christianity in Judah and Samaria
Dr. Yitzhak Magen, Publications of The Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, Hebrew

9/3/16 – Rosh Hodesh Adar
By the Rivers of Babylon
The Babylonian and Persian Kingdoms Feldd by a Woman's Hand – Reading from the Book of Esther and the Book of Judith

Shlomit Ravitzky Tur-Paz, Director, Beit Midrash Elul, Hebrew

16/3/16 – News from "New Jerusalem":  Al-Yahudu One Year Later
Prof. Wayne Horowitz, Hebrew Univ., English

23/3/16 – No Lecture - Fast of Esther

30/3/16 - The Inhabitants of the Western Hill of Jerusalem in the Late First Temple period in Light of Archaeological Finds
Dr. Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah and Shua Kisilevitz, IAA, Hebrew

6/4/16 –How and where the Judeans lived in Babylonia, Dr.Laurie E. Pearce, University of California, Berkeley, English

היכן וכיצד חיו אנשי יהודה בבבל, ד"ר לורי פירס, אוניברסיטת קליפורניה בברקלי, באנגלית

13/4/16 – To Be Announced

20/4/16 – Gallery Talk: From Redemption to Exile, Between Egypt and Babylon
Yehuda Kaplan, Curator, BLMJ, Hebrew

27/4/16 – Pessach – No Lecture

Program in Hebrew
Advanced reservation required.
All programs subject to change