Programs and Activities

Summer Family Fun | Free entrance for kids

15.7-30.8 | Sun.-Thurs. | 11:00, 12:30, 15:30 | Ages 5-10 | 4th Child free (Code 1478)

Kids: 35 Nis | Adults: 22 Nis 

 Come and join us as we dive into the mysterious Tekhelet Color!

Discover how was it produced in ancient times,

How it became the color of royalty and divinity,

and an inspiration to the Israeli flag?

 A colorful activity in which we will delve deep into the mysterios blue color of the ancient world, dye fabrics and textiles and visit the ancient arts and crafts market

*Special creative workshops included

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Code with the Start Up [Bible] Nations

Weds. | 18.7-29.8 | 17:30 

An interactive activity following past, present and future innovations and inventions
in the new Start Up {bible} nations display

For ages 9-15 | Kids/Adults: 22 NIS

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Daily guided tours of the Out of the Blue special exhibition:

Sun-Fri at 10:30 | Wed also at: 17:30

Gallery Talks with the curators:

Fri. 10.8 | 23.8 | at: 11:00