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A New Jerusalem in Babylon*

Opens: February 25, for 10 meetings (2 lectures per meeting).

Wednesdays  16:00-19:00 The Village of the Jews, Al-Yahudu, was the Babylonian name for Jerusalem in Judah, as well as a town of Judean exiles in Babylonia, now known to us from a new archive of documents that will have their world premier at the BLMJ this winter.  

Course participants will have the unique opportunity to explore these phenomenal documents. Reading from the original cuneiform text, we will experience first hand the lives and times of the Judean exiles following their family life and their working life in the date plantation, barley fields and animals.  no previous knowledge of Akkadian or cuneiform required

Courses In cooperation with the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies
Combined with tours in the Bible Lands Museum

Aram from the east and Philistines from the west (Isiah 9:11): Investigating the History and Culture between Israel and her Neighbors during the Biblical Period  
Dr. Amitai Baruchi-Una
Opens: October 27 2014, 13 sessions (First Semester), Mondays, 10:30-12:00
This course  will delve into the relationship between early Israelite culture and the surrounding nations: the Caananites, Philistines,  Amarites, Babylonians, and others. We will study original manuscripts and the physical remains of the cultures of the Ancient Near East,  examine the political confrontations, and will also discover the common cultural denominators that flourished in the different nations.

A triple-braided cord is not easily broken: complicated relationships in the Bible reflected in art
Dr. Shulamit Lederman

starts: October 28 2014, 13 sessions
Examine familiar stories in the Bible that have three conflicting characters and how that complexity is reflected in Jewish and Christian art. We will examine early triangular relationships, including stories from the Midrash and ancient theological conflicts, and discover how those relationships inspired art.


*Special discounts for registering with the Schechter Institute through the Bible Lands Museum. The courses take place at the Schechter Institute: the tours will be conducted at the BLMJ. These classes can be accredited towards a Master’s degree at the Schechter Institute. For further information and course requirements, please contact the Academic Secretary at the Schechter Institute.  For further information contact ariella@blmj.org.

*Program in Hebrew


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