Special Themed Tours

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ) is a vibrant cultural center presenting exhibitions, guided tours and innovative programs that encourage the understanding and appreciation of the biblical period through ancient art and archaeology.

Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem displays one of the most important collections of art and archaeology from the Ancient Near East, revealing the historicity of the Bible.
The BLMJ specializes in meeting your groups’ needs.
We invite you to choose from the suggested list of themed tours, and cultural events below to create the ultimate Bible Lands experience



Heritage Tour
Journey in the footsteps of the Bible 
Discover Abraham’s journey to the Promised Land, visit Egypt at the time of Jacob and his sons, and learn about the events and heroes of the Bible. The tour brings to light the most significant and influential events in biblical history.
Special packages for Christian groups including optional Bible study session
Special packages for Jewish groups focusing on Jerusalem and the Land of Israel in relation to the greater region from the beginning of civilization to the Second Temple period.

Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece
The dramatic world of ancient Greek mythology is revealed in this new exhibition presenting rare and exquisite examples of ancient Greek pottery dating back 4,000 years. On display are masterpieces of rare quality, ranging from the second millennium BCE to the end of the fifth century BCE. Come and discover the ancient cultures of Greece, through these elaborately painted ceramics.

               Photo: Vladamir Naikhin


Jerusalem in Babylon: New Light on the Judean Exiles 
"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, and there we wept when we remembered Zion".
Psalm 137
Jerusalem in Babylon: New Light on the Judean Exiles, displaying the important cuneiform tablets that shed light on the Judean exiles in Babylon after the destruction of the First Temple. These clay tablets provide unique evidence of the daily life of the Judean exiles in Babylon under the rule of the Babylonian and Persian Empires. 


            Al-Yahudu Tablets
                Photo: Avi Noam                                                                  


Museum Highlight Tour
Emphasizing the spiritual and cultural worlds of Canaan, Egypt, Babylon, and more; explore the interconnections between the rich cultures of the Ancient Near East.


                     Photo: Haim Zach

Roman Fresco Room  Visit Pompeii
An exquisite collection of Roman frescoes from the 1st century – on display by request only.


The Classical Tour
A highlight tour of the masterpieces on display in the special exhibitions: Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece; Dionysus : Wine & Divine;  The Classical Court 



The World of Ghosts and Spirits
Tour the world of ancient demons and protective spirits through magical inscriptions and artifacts.
This tour examines the use of amulets and protective objects that were an integral part of life in the ancient world. 


"And God made woman...”
Beauty, aesthetics, motherhood, fertility and war are among the concepts associated with women in the Ancient Near East.
This tour will look at the role of women in various cultures and sheds light on their status.


“… I have loved thee with an everlasting love ...”
(Jeremiah 31:2) – Bonds of love, relationships and marriage in the Ancient Near East, are explored in this enchanting tour.



ISIS in the Lands of the Bible

With the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) organization, the Middle East has been drawn into a whirlwind of violence and irreversible systematic destruction of archaeological and world heritage sites.

In this exclusive tour of the Museum learn about ancient sites and artifacts that have stood for thousands of years, only to be deliberately destroyed with one fell swoop, and insights into the ideology of the ISIS militants.

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Tour lengths and topics vary according to the theme and the number of participants.

Advance reservations are required and must be coordinated with the museum at: