With our new exhibition “Early Birds: Soaring with the Ancients” swooping in soon, you are all invited to our Summer Roost for a flock of fun, creative and high flying activities in the exhibition and the biblical garden, in partnership with KKL – the Jewish National Fund  | Program in Hebrew


Activity stations with surprising experiences in the exhibition “Early Birds: Soaring with the Ancients”:

Quiz and game apps; A nest to rest in with bookscreative kits and other surprises; A bird-watching wall, with stations for feeding birds; A winged photo corner; Build-a-bird games
and more.

August, during the museum opening hours (the museum garden will be open until 16:00 on Sun.-Tue. and Thu.; Wed. until 17:00).

Price: Included with the Museum entrance fee: Child – 28 ₪ (including a self-guided activity pack for age 5+*), Adult – 44 ₪, Senior citizens – 22 ₪, Adult members – free, Child members –  extra 15 ₪, Family members – adults free and extra 15 ₪ per child.

*Self-guided activity kits for the exhibition and activity grounds include the “Quack Quack” activity sheet, birdfeed, and a feather for fun.

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