A self-guided activity kit for the whole family is available now at the Museum entrance – no advance registration necessary!

Family activity, suitable for children aged 5-12 | In Hebrew

Sorcerers and sorcery played an important role in the daily life of the communities in the ancient world. People turned to them to solve all kinds of problems – diseases, evil spirits, and even family disputes. Come and learn ancient secrets of healing and protection, with the help of our charming sorcery kit. The kit contains clues that will lead you to various exhibits in the museum, and each ancient object will reveal an ancient secret… Through the exhibits, you will come to the aid of the Persian Simurgh, his Sumerian sweetheart, and other friends from the ancient world who need your help. Come discover the secrets of sorcery of the ancient world, and at the end of the activity you will receive a young sorcerer’s/sorceress’ certificate.

Price: ₪ 30 per kit | Kits are rented from the museum ticket kiosk, no advance registration necessary.

*The activity is suitable for Shabbat observant families.

  • Families and kids ages 5-12
  • 01.01.2024 - 01.01.2023
  • 08.08.2023 | כא אב התשפג | 10:00
  • During opening hours
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