Parenting has always been at the center of human culture, future hopes and continuity, prayer and worship.
Budding parents are invited to come, with their baby, to participate in a tour and a creative workshop and have a taste of the roots and meaning of the experiences of birth and parenting in the ancient world and today, and create a personal souvenir.
The sessions are guided by Rabbi Debbie Shua Chaim, who specializes in spiritual direction on childbirth and parenthood, and coordinates programming for families, High Holidays, and community in the Museum. Program in Hebrew.

One meeting: 50 ₪
The full series of meetings (three): 120 ₪
Meetings include coffee and a snack with nursing corners available | Limited capacity | Program in Hebrew

Birth Stories – From Great Myths to Your Story | Monday, February 26th, 10:30 am
Every myth is a birth story, and every birth story is a mythology. In mythologies lie the deep beliefs of our culture and in birth stories we discover our deepest beliefs about ourselves.
During the tour we will meet visual depictions of myths and creation stories from a variety of cultures of the Ancient Near East.
In the workshop we will write down our birth stories and explore connections between them and the myths we encountered on the tour, and we will try to renew our knowledge of ourselves through these stories.
In Our Image – Venus Figurines | Monday new dates coming soon | 10:30 am
In a tour and workshop at the Museum, we will get to know Venus Figurines (fertility figurines) from the ancient Near East, that were made of various materials available to the people of the age: clay, bronze, gold, ivory and more.
During the tour we will look at examples of fertility figurines from around the ancient Near East. We will see how, despite the similarities between those figurines, all of which have female body attributes, each one is unique and different from its counterparts. Yet, more than anything else, what they all have in common is the inter-generational connection through representation of human prayer for abundance and fertility.
After the tour, we will gather for a workshop where we will create a personal figurine.
*Accessible for strollers but we recommend to come with a baby carrier as well.
**After the meeting you are welcome to continue exploring the museum.
  • 22.01.2024 | יב שבט התשפד | 10:30
  • One meeting: 50 ₪ | 3 meetings: 120 ₪

Family Activity

Ancient Sorcery Kit

A self-guided activity kit for the whole family is available now at the Museum entrance – no advance registration necessary!...

  • 08.08.2023
  • כא אב התשפג
  • 10:00
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Family Activity

Free activities for displaced families

The Bible Lands Museum Stands with Israel's displaced families, The Museum is open for visitors with free entrance and offers...

  • 09.10.2023
  • כד תשרי התשפד
  • 10:30
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