A nightly adventure staged for the whole family, following the exhibition “Early Birds: Soaring with the Ancients”
July 7, 2022 | 7:30 PM | Duration: 90 minutes | For ages 7 and up | Program in Hebrew 

At night, when the museum is submerged in dark, unusual things happen – winged creatures of the night from all the Bible lands wake up, and we will follow in their track.
Equipped with flashlights and maps, we will set out on a journey, discovering nocturnal surprises throughout the dark museum.
On the way we will meet Zohar, a curious girl, Anniwiyanni the Hittite soothsayer, and Hypnos, the personification of sleep in ancient Greece.
On our journey of shadows and voices, we will discover the world of darkness and night birds like we have never seen or heard before.
We will solve puzzles, go through secret passages and unravel the mysteries of the night.

Artistic management and production: TAMI – The Israeli Museum Theater
In collaboration with the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio Jerusalem
And with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation



Price: 40 NIS | 30 NIS for members

  • 07.07.2022 | ח תמוז התשפב | 19:30
  • 40 ₪, Members: 30 ₪

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