How do the birds know where to fly for the winter? How were human migrations in ancient times connected with bird migrations? What birds pass through the Land of Israel on their way to warmer climates and back?

With the beginning of the spectacular fall migration of birds through Israel, we invite children and parents to take wing with the birds in our special activities during Hol ha-Moed Sukkot – in partnership with KKL, the Jewish National Fund | Program in Hebrew

Hol ha-Moed Sukkot | Wed.-Thu., September 22-23 | Tishrei 16-17

Guided tours of the exhibition and the museum garden: 10:30 | 11:30 | 14:00  | Duration: about an hour

The tours include:

  • Guided tour for families following the migration of birds and humans; the tour covers the museum’s permanent and the special exhibition “Early Birds: Soaring with the Ancients”
  • Guided ODT games in the museum’s active garden
  • A magnetic workshop for making a special and original compass!

During the museum visit you can enjoy a variety of activities in the active garden:

  • Riddle and game app, created by KKL – the Jewish National Fund, will take you on a journey in the special exhibition and in the garden, with mind-provoking riddles and funny games
  • A nest to rest with books, activity kits and surprises: a variety of children’s books, tools to leave bird footprints in the sand, puzzles, memory games, winged costumes corner for the young and the grown-ups, and more;
  • A bird-watching wall with feeding slots – a large wooden wall with small windows through which you can see bird models and live birds visiting the museum garden, and special boards on which you can leave food for the birds;
  • Winged photo corner – a decorated wall as a background for self-made photos;
  • Large board games – bird sudoku and scramble;
  • Build-a-bird tangram – a special game that helps you build a bird of your own based on special cards with images and descriptions of birds;
  • Bird models – a variety of birds, large and small, easy to see and hiding in secret places, are waiting for you to find them;
  • The Land of Israel map game – a large map of the country is shown on the ground, open for all to walk through and to find the locations in which the birds nest and rest.

Price: Included with the Museum entrance fee: Child – 28 ₪ (including a self-guided activity pack for age 5+*), Adult – 44 ₪, Senior citizens – 22 ₪, Adult members – free, Child members –  extra 10 ₪, Family members – adults free and extra 10 ₪ per child.

*Self-guided activity kits for the exhibition and activity grounds include the “Quack Quack” activity sheet, birdfeed, and a feather for fun.

For more information about the exhibition click here