Three Unique Self Guided Tours

To celebrate the Museum’s 30th anniversary, we are excited to present three new self-guided tours, which visitors can experience by using a map or our digital guide. This activity is curently available only in Hebrew. 

Pick one of these three unique routes through the permanent exhibition:

“Archaeo-logo!” – Which stars are in the Subaru logo? Who is the mysterious figure in the Versace logo? What is the ancient origin of the name of the global sports brand, Nike? And what do all these have to do with the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem? The inspiration for many of the most well-known brands in the world today, including Versace, Nike, Subaru, and more, can be found in symbols on seals, urns, reliefs, and other objects from the ancient world. You are invited to take a closer look at remarkable artefacts that reveal links between the cultures of the ancient Near East and modern brands that we see every day.

Follow the yellow markers.

“Curator’s Choice” – A tour highlighting extraordinary objects, beautiful artworks, and small exhibits that tell a big story. This route will lead you directly to the most unique exhibits in the permanent exhibition and reveal the stories behind them, including: a spectacular ivory collection, half of which is housed in the Louvre; an ancient Egyptian falcon mummy; the first object in museum founder Dr. Eli Borowski’s collection; and other small exhibits that tell a big story.

Follow the blue markers

“My Exhibit” – Take a tour of our staff members’ favorite objects. Those who comes to work in the Museum every day spend a lot of time with the exhibits in the various galleries and exhibitions, and staff members often develop a special attachment to a certain exhibit. This tour offers personal perspectives on objects that have each captured the heart of one of our team – items that stirred memories, captivated attention, or that opened a door to a new world.

Follow the red markers

The exhibits in the museum’s permanent display are waiting for you, marked and numbered according to each chosen route.

You can take a guide map from the Museum reception, or you can set out using the digital guide on your smartphone. A link to the digital guide is also here.

*Included in the Museum entrance fee

  • 08.03.2022 | ו אב התשפב | 10:00
  • Available week long
  • Permanent Exhibition
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