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Three lecture series celebrating the museum’s 30th anniversary

The Bible Lands Museum Celebrates Hebrew Book month

15/6/22- “Days of Ziklag” – the story behind Khirbet el Rai, Saar Ganor, IAA.
Khirbet er-Ra‘i, located near Lachish, is identified as a frontier town between ancient Philistia and Judah, and the first location which King David ruled according to the biblical sources. In recent years, new and extraordinary archaeological finds have been discovered at the site, dating to the 12th–7th centuries BCE and shedding light on the peoples that lived in the region: the Philistines, Canaanites, Judahites and Kitiyim. This lecture will examine the archeological discoveries from Khirbet ar-Ra‘i, identified by its excavators with the biblical Ziklag, which reflect the site’s history through the periods of the Judges, King David, and the biblical kingdom of Judah. A special attention will be given to the implications of the recent finds for reconstructing the ancient defense plans for the borders of Judah.

22/6/22- Journeys Narratives to the Holy Land: From the 4th century until Our Days, Dr. Amichay Schwartz, Bar Ilan University.
29/6/22- The Writing on the mountain, Judaic inscriptions from Mouth Temple and it’s walls, Dr. Shmuel Bahat, Haifa University.
6/7/22- The Ocean and the Islands: What Were the Main Processes of Islamization in the Holy Land and How did Some Communities Survive?, Prof. Michael Ehrlich – Bar-Ilan university (will not be avilble on Zoom).

Bein Ha-Metzarim (The Three Weeks) at The Bible Lands Museum
13/7/22- Knowledges about Jewish visitors and settlement in Jerusalem, after the destruction of the Jewish community in the Crusaders occupation, Dr. Eyal Davidson, Hertzog Collage.
20/7/22- Behind the Scenes of Jerusalem’s destruction: The Roman Politics and the First Roman-Jewish War, Dr. David Gurevich, Haifa University.
27/7/22- “Saying:’The temple of the Lord'”: Temple Mouth between Archeology and fantasy and between past and future. A symposium with Yehuda Kaplan, Museum Curator and Author Yishai Sarid, author of the books: “The Third” and “Victorious”.
3/8/22- Tish’a Be’Av: A Chronicle of Remembrance, Author Elyasaf Tel-or and Dr. Tehila Darmon Malka, Hertzog Collage (will not be avilble on Zoom).

  • 29.12.2021 - 29.09.2021
  • 06.01.2022 | ב סיון התשפב | 19:00
  • Included in Museum entrance


The Story of Khirbet er-Ra’i

Saar Ganur, Israel Antiquities Authority June 15 at 19:00 | Included in the admission to the Museum Watch on Zoom:...

  • 06.15.2022
  • טז סיון התשפב
  • 19:00
44 | 20 | 15 NIS
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  • 07.11.2022
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  • 10:30
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Self-Guided Activities for the Whole Family

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