Eitan Rozenzweig’s “Kuma” is a 3.6-meter painting that explores the Jewish collective unconscious. Inspired by Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious, Eitan painted the work in a stream-of-consciousness style, without any prior planning. The work begins with the “Lech Lecha” chapter of the Torah and progresses through the destruction of the Temple to the redemption. The work is a powerful expression of Jewish identity and memory.

Eitan Rosenzweig, a gifted artist and poet, was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip at the age of only 21. Yet, even at such a young age, he left behind a treasure trove of artistic creation. His boundless talent and explosive creativity are evident in his works, despite his lack of formal training.

The Bible Lands Museum has joined Eitan’s familly’s effort and plans to exhibit the scroll, along with other works by Eitan. The works engage with the museum’s exhibits, creating a unique dialogue between the past and the present.


Crowdfunding For the exhibition:

Help Us Honor Eitan’s Legacy – Your donation will directly support the creation of this exhibition honoring Eitan Rosenzweig, including design and development, as well as the composition, design, and publication of the accompanying book or catalog.

For Further information & donation: https://eitanrosenzweig.co.il/lp-en/