Splinter from the Storm – Contemporary art exhibition.
Opening: 2/2/24 | The closing date of the exhibition was postponed due to high demand

Following October 7th’s tragedy, Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem quickly shifted focus.
Ancient treasures secured, we became a haven: hosting displaced families, fostering creativity with artists, and welcoming a temporary school for special needs children.
This pivot revealed our power beyond artifacts. We ignite understanding, conversation, and comfort.

Our new exhibition, “Splinter from the Storm” reflects this –
20 contemporary artists respond to the recent conflict, their pain echoing whispers of the ancient artifacts housed within our museum. Empty showcases where objects were removed for safekeeping, now amplify present emotions, interweaving history’s tapestry.

“Splinter from the Storm” isn’t distant cold history, but art’s living pulse. Works, new and ancient intermingle, expressing a collective search for self in a scarred reality. The past murmurs, the present beats, and the Museum becomes a conduit of healing and understanding.

Gallery Talks and special meetings at the exhibition | Included in the entrance fee:
Fri. 5.4 at 11:00: Gallery Talk with Dr. Risa Levitt, BLMJ CEO. English | Details & Tickets>>>
Wed. 17.4 at 19:00: Gallery Talk with Oree Meiri,  BLMJ curator. Hebrew | Details & Tickets>>