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The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem tells the story of humanity through a unique collection of rare artefacts from the lands of the ancient Near East – the Bible Lands.

Ancient ceramics, exquisite hand-crafted jewelry, artworks from the distant past, sculptures of extraordinary beauty, frescoes, and other priceless treasures are displayed throughout 20 galleries and special exhibition spaces. Visitors are drawn into intimate encounters with the cultures that formed the foundations of the Western world – ancient Egypt, Babylon, Canaan, Assyria, Sumer, Persia, Greece and Rome.

The Museum hosts a rich calendar of temporary exhibits, cultural events, tours, lectures and experiences which offer unique glimpses into the worlds inhabited by the men and women of the Near East in Biblical times.

The Museum was founded by Dr. Elie and Batya Borowski, whose vision was to establish a cultural and educational institution that would provide an experience centered on the study of human history and its development, connecting visitors to their own roots and culture.
As Dr. Elie Borowski himself said: “The future of mankind has his roots in the past – only through understanding our history we can build a better future.”

Since opening in May 1992, the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem has become an important universal center, offering a variety of special exhibitions, educational programs, cultural events, tours and lectures, as well as hosting professional conferences, seminars and private events throughout the years.
You are invited to visit the museum, tread the paths of great nations of the past, discover ancient cultures and distant lands, and connect to the region’s magnificent history.

Our Team
Batya Borowski
Dr. Risa Levitt
Executive Director
Phone: 02-5955301
Email: director@blmj.org
Natalia Koval
Director Operations & Development
Phone: 02-5955303
Email: operations@blmj.org
Jarelle Ben-Zvi
Phone: 02-5955300
Email: secretary@blmj.org
Sue Vukosavovic
Exhibitions Coordinator and Office Manager
Phone: 02-5955343
Email: exhibitions@blmj.org
Dr. Yigal Bloch
Phone: 02-5955344
Email: yigal@blmj.org
Oree Meiri
Phone: 02-5955345
Email: oree@blmj.org
Timna Elper
Phone: 02-5955329
Email: conservation@blmj.org
Dana Barkagan
Phone: 02-5955329
Email: registrar@blmj.org
Ariella Rones-Tsafrir
Head of Education and Cultural Events
Phone: 02-5955307
Email: ariella@blmj.org
Yael Ring
Programs for Groups
Phone: 02-5955308
Email: guides@blmj.org
Debi Shoua-Haim
Family Programs
Phone: 02-5955312
Email: families@blmj.org
Gavri Assouline
Lectures and Educational Programs
Roni Barsheshet
Art Instructor
Phone: 02-5955313
Email: sadna@blmj.org
Shlomit Gedalyahu
Education Assistant and Cultural Coordinator
Phone: 02-5955305
Email: education@blmj.org
Navah Hanann
Tours and workshops
Phone: 02-5955313
Email: logistics-h@blmj.org
Leah Paz
Digital Platform
Phone: 02-5955306
Email: marketing@blmj.org
Aya Ezri
Head of Marketing Department
Phone: 02-5955323
Email: aya@blmj.org
Michal Tzarfati
Group Reservations
Phone: 02-5955330
Email: groups@blmj.org
Moran Boaz Pick
Events Coordinator
Phone: 02-5955350
Email: events@blmj.org
Rinat Reuveni
Ticket Office Manager
Phone: 02-595531337
Email: kupa@blmj.org
Yair Shtesler
Ticket Office
Phone: 02-595531337
Email: kupa@blmj.org
Yoni Kotzer
Ticket Office
Phone: 02-595531337
Email: kupa@blmj.org
Anna Benross
Ticket Office
Phone: 02-595531337
Email: kupa@blmj.org
Alex Kedar Cohen
Museum Store Manager
Phone: 02-5955336/3
Email: shop@blmj.org
Moshe Shoval
Maintenance Manager
Phone: 02-5955340
Email: maintnance@blmj.org
Zakay Mizrachi
Mustafa Natshe
Daniel Bezalel

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M. Amar and. Greyevsky, David Harris, Moshe Caine, Shai Vasdias, Dana Levy, James Ford, Tal Rogovsky, Gabi Laron, Yossi Garfinkel, Yael Yolovich, Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority: Assaf Peretz and Yoli Schwartz, Naftali Hilger, David Weill, Clara Amit, Miki Koren, Vladimir Naikhin, Avi Noam, Ran Arda, Maxim Dinstein, Oded Antman, Shay Ezri, Noa katz, Asaf Cohen, Lior Rotstein, Dor Pazuelo.

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