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Dragons, Monsters and Fabulous Beasts

DRAGONS, MONSTERS & FABULOUS BEASTS The newest catalog of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, Dragons, Monsters and Fabulous Beasts, accompanies the fascinating exhibition which delves into the formation and function of awe-inspiring monsters and supernatural composite creatures that were prominent in the imagination of the peoples of the ancient Near East and the classical world. The catalogue is divided into four main chapters each with comprehensive articles on The Creatures of the Sea, Creatures of the Earth, Creatures of the Air and The Battles of the Gods and Mortals against the Monsters. Contributing scholars include: Noga Ayali, Max Bernheimer, Robert S. Bianchi, Max Kunze, Nurit Levy, Takayoshi Oshima, Tallay Ornan, John Romano, Silvia Rozenberg and Irit Ziffer. Edited by Joan Goodnick Westenholz. Soft cover, 224 pages with color photographs and illustrations. Hebrew and English text. ISBN – 965-7027-08-X I ;;