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Royal Cities of the Biblical World

ROYAL CITIES OF THE BIBLICAL WORLD, 1996, exhibition catalog for, JERUSALEM - A CAPITAL FOR ALL TIMES; Royal Cities of the Biblical World. This catalog contains scholarly articles on each of the eight capitals of the Biblical world which were included in this exhibition: Ur, Hattushas, Amarna, Tanis, Nineveh, Susa, Babylon and Jerusalem during the First Temple period. Contributing scholars include: Dan Bahat, Philippe Brissaud, David Hawkins, Gila Hurvitz, Giovanni Lanfranchi, Jean Perrot, Ian Shaw, Marcel Sigrist, David Weisberg, Joan Goodnick Westenholz, Jak Yakar and Irit Ziffer. Edited by J.G. Westenholz. 334 pages, with color and black and white illustration. Soft cover. ISBN 965 702701-2 ;;;;