The Museum aims to give a glimpse into the world of biblical times and to delve into the lifestyle and spiritual world of ancient eastern cultures.

The museum’s Department of Education offers educational programs and added activities suitable for children, teens, and the public at large, in an assortment of subjects.

The museum provides young visitors with a rich and varied environment that stimulates their curiosity, improves their methods of observation and sharpens their thinking.

  • School Programs
  • Twinning Program
  • Parent-Child activities
  • Holiday Programs
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs


The Department of Education offers interdisciplinary programs that weave together different subjects such as Bible studies, art studies, the Jewish calendar and culture as well as other topics of identity and leadership.

Our staff at the Department of Education offer tailor made programs and close assistance in choosing and adapting the tours to your students and groups, as well as building preparatory and summary lessons in the classroom around the visit to the museum.

Our programs

ABC as easy as 123?

The evolution of writing

Way down in Egypt Land

Egyptian Culture

By the Rivers of Babylon

Biblical Reality

Gods Heroes and Mortals

Greek Culture

Start up Bible Nations

The roots of Innovation


The Jewish Agency’s Twinning schools network, and board of education, the Ministry of Diaspora affairs and The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem teamed together to create a contemporary educational, experiential and meaningful program designed for 5th-9th grade students from schools in Israel and abroad.

“Start up Bible Nations” allows for a joint exploration of life in Israel and abroad, developing identities and learning about modern entrepreneurship in light of our shared roots in the past. The program allows for pedagogic adaptability and is based on digital and cooperative learning while encouraging curiosity and teamwork among the students in the class and the students from the twin class.

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Are you looking for an idea for a Bible celebration, an end-of -year party or just a way to break everyday monotony? The Bible Lands Museum is the place for you! Special activities for parents and children in a variety of subjects, combine an experience-filled tour with pleasant creative activities for all ages (see also Holiday Programs, below). Bible ceremonies, or any private event, can be combined with the program.


During the holidays of Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Passover, and over the summer vacation, the museum hosts activities for the entire family, including dramatized tours, various creative workshops, performances and other surprises.


Those celebrating Bar/Bat-mitzvahs are invited to celebrate at the museum, in a special program that combines the subject matter of the Weekly Portion and the Haftorah with that of the museum displays. The program includes a tour that may be combined with some creative activity. The celebrants are invited to take an active part in giving explanations.

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