September 8-19, 2024 | An educational tour to Jewish & Christian key sites in Israel | Keshet Educational Journeys
Led by Dr. Risa Levitt, Director of the Bible Lands Museum, and Guided by Amir Orly

Many Christians and Jews believe that their faiths developed independently from each other, and as a result, are distinct, even antagonistic, towards each other.
In this sense, the origins of Judaism and Christianity are viewed as two separate, unrelated events.
Keshet Educational Journeys offers a unique trip to Israel, which provides unprecedented access to key sites related to the period of Jewish & Christian origins and examines the period in-depth. What we will begin to see is both Judaism and Christianity emerge from the same religious tradition–that of ancient Israel.

More details and registration at keshet Educational Journeys website: Israel: The Birthplace of Judaism and Christianity