Private Events

  • Auditorium
  • Small Theater
  • Event Marquee
  • The Seven Species Garden
  • The Fresco Room

A magnificent auditorium with 230 seats equipped with one of the highest quality multimedia and sound systems in Israel. The system prevents environmental noiseand is fully adapted to the requirements of conferences, seminars, lectures, musical performances and more. The auditorium also comes with a grand piano, spotlights, a lectern and an adjoining dressing room

Small Theater with 64 seats Includes an amplification system, screen and projector, spot lights, and a lectern.

Event marquee hosting up to 330 people designed with panoramic windows facing the blooming Seven Species garden, recommended for events both during the day and at night.

The Seven Species Garden hosts up to 400 people In a magical atmosphere, ideal for any occasion. A spacious lush garden planted with biblical flora: grapevines, date, fig, pomegranate and olive trees.

The Fresco Room An intimate meeting hall featuring a collection of magnificent Roman frescoes from the Campania region of Italy.


The museum works with a variety of catering companies that each offer a unique, contemporary menu and a service tailored to a range of event types.

With a high-quality team of professionals working in the unique museum environment, we are committed to the success of every event and the enjoyment of each guest.

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