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International Programs

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ) houses an impressive and unique collection of ancient Near Eastern artifacts, presenting a vivid picture of biblical world .
As a leading museum of archeology and history we open a window on to the cultures of the biblical period, enabling an exploration of the daily lives, rituals and beliefs of the people and cultures that the ancient Israelites came into contact with through the centuries and millennia of their development.
The museum's Education Department has developed a variety of programs for students from abroad, in an array of disciplines, including: Bible studies, history, geography, art and more .
Programs are available in several languages.

Skype Tour
Using 21st Century technology to discover the treasures of the past, the BLMJ offers an interactive live tour of the museum directly to your classroom via Skype.
One of our specially trained guides will lead you around the museum's galleries, presenting unique artifacts and answering students questions .
The tour also includes a small hands-on project that the students do in class at the same time as the tour. 

Photo: PR Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

Ever wanted to take a selfie with Ramses II ?
BLMJ RACE app is full of puzzles, riddles and interactive games that enrich your museum visit, providing a fresh look at the ancient objects on display.
Come and compete with real players, in real time, and embark on a quest to find lost artifacts, solve riddles, and venture on challenging mission.

Photo: PR Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

Speaking the Culture

A unique program designed for Russian speaking groups.
In this two hour program we reveal the secret of writing and language, two cornerstones of human culture in general, and the Jewish people in particular, and how language and writing define and preserve identity. 
As we travel through the cultures and peoples of the cradle of civilization, we trace the ancient texts and their influences on the Hebrew language, as well as Jewish and Russian cultures today, in order to identify common themes in both the Hebrew and Russian languages, we explore their origins in the biblical cultures, and languages, of the ancient Near East. 
The program concludes with a workshop with a Sofer Stam - a Jewish scribe - who discusses the centrality of the written word and the history of writing scared texts in Judaism.

Photo: PR Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

The Image of Abraham
The BLMJ has developed intercultural educational programs centered on the museum's outstanding collection of ancient Near Eastern artifacts as the basis for learning more about our history, and also our present and future.

Based on understanding our common heritage, the project themes are inspired by Abraham/ Ibrhaim, Patriah to Jews, Christians and Muslims, who bequeathed values of honesty and the aspiration for peace among neighbors.
The program creates a platform for meetings between Israeli Jewish and Arab students, as well as students from abroad, to encounter different cultures on the basis of their shared narrative and values stemming from both the Bible and the Koran.
The program concludes with a musical interlude "Sounds of the Tel", an interactive musical piece inspired by the atmosphere of ancient times.

Photo: PR Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem


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