Special Tours for Groups

The Bible Lands Museum (BLMJ) uniquely presents the history of humankind through one of the most important collections of artifacts from the lands of the Bible, the ancient Near East.

The BLMJ specializes in meeting your group's needs. Choose from the suggested list of themed tours and cultural events to create your ultimate Bible Lands experience.

Special Themed Tours for Groups:

Yemen: From Sheba to Jeruaslem - The exhibition presents ancientSouth Arabia, the most remote Bible land and the source of luxurious aromatic trees, including Frankincense, where the famous incense route began. A vibrant culture developed in this distant land, whose extraordinary wealth was made famous through the Biblical story of the Queen of Sheba, and which became fertile soil for the rich tradition of the Yemenite Jewish community.

Pictured: Village of Haifa, Arhab district, northern Yemen. Photography: Naftali Hilger

 The Church of the Glorious Martyr
During salvage excavations conducted south of Ramat Beit Shemesh by the Israel Antiquities Authority with the support of the Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing, remains of an impressive Byzantine church were discovered. It is not known precisely when the church was built but mosaic inscriptions at the site commemorate its expansion under Emperor Justinian, and later under the patronage of Emperor Tiberius II Constantine.
One inscription mentions that the church was built in honor of an anonymous “glorious martyr”, whose remains were kept inside; A martyr (from Greek, meaning "witness") was a sacred figure and model of absolute devotion, willing to die for their faith. 
The exhibition “Glorious Martyr”
 presents finds, which shed light on the importance of the Church of the “Glorious Martyr” as a significant site for pilgrimage during the Byzantine Period.

The church. Photo: Assaf Peretz

Jerusalem in Babylon : New Light on the Judean Exiles | 

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, and there we wept when we remembered Zion”
Psalm 137
This special exhibition displays the first documents in the form of original evidence, of the families that were exiled to Babylon following the destruction of the First Temple. Through an extremely important collection of cuneiform tablets, known as the Al-Yahudu Tablets, the daily life of the Judean exiles comes to life.  This powerful exhibition includes multi-media and video enhancements and is appropriate for all audiences.

Start-Up Bible Nations Tour | 

In honor of Israel's 70th year of independence, join us on a tour that looks at the roots from which this young nation emerged… amongst the ancient Near Eastern cultures and the cradle of civilization. During the tour we take a peek at inventions that long ago became an integral part of our lives, and look at some of the young Israeli companies behind the most successful and surprising start-ups of today. We will also encounter the challenges that both modern inventors and people in the past faced. Together, we will gain an understanding of what makes this region’s inhabitants some of the greatest inventors in history.

Journey in the footsteps of the Bible 

Discover Abraham’s journey to the Promised Land. Visit Egypt at the time of Jacob and his sons, and learn about the events and heroes of the Bible.
The tour brings to light the most significant and influential events in Biblical history.
Special packages for Christian groups focusing on Jerusalem, the land of Israel and the lands of the Bible from the time of the Patriarchs to the Second Temple period. Including optional Bible study session Special packages for Jewish groups focusing on Jerusalem and the land of Israel in relation to the greater region from the beginning of civilization to the 2nd Temple period.

Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece 
The dramatic world of ancient Greek mythology is revealed in this exhibition presenting rare and exquisite masterpeoces of ancient Greek pottery dating back 4,000 years.
Come and discover the ancient cultures of Greece through these elaborately painted ceramics.

Museum Highlight Tour | 
Emphasizing the spiritual and cultural worlds of Canaan, Egypt, Babylon, and more; explores the interconnections between the rich cultures of the Ancient Near East through the finest artifacts on display in the BLMJ collection.

Highlight Tour of the Permanent Collection
Who invented writing? What does an ancient envelope look like? What did Egyptians like to drink? A fascinating taster tour of the Museum’s permanent collection offering unique insights into the great civilizations of the ancient Near East.

The Classical Tour
A tour of three spectacular exhibits that illustrate the influence of Greek culture on Classical Rome. The exhibits are: Classical Pearls; Gods, Heroes and Mortals; and Dionysus: The Magic of Wine

"He Who Brings Forth Bread from the Earth" -- A C
ulinary Tour of Biblical Times
From early agriculture to Greek and Roman banquets, this quirky tour begins with basic human foodstuffs and explores how the importance of food took on diverse meanings in different cultures. The tour features an expert on Biblical culinary practices who reconstructs ancient recipes, and includes actual tastings!

Duration: About two hours. Special Price.

Roman Fresco Room: A glimpse into glorious Pompeian wall painting | 
.An exquisite collection of Roman frescoes from the 1st century – on display by request only



min 20 persons per group |  Duration: 45-75 minutes

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