Programs and Activities

Fridays in Focus

   (Program in Hebrew) 

Once a month, on Fridays, before noon, a Museum staff member will guide a group through a unique, personal tour on a topic close to their heart.
This is a wonderful opportunity  to experience the museum from a different perspective, explore the main galleries and gain a little insight into the past, present and future, as well as get to know a different member of the museum.
it's going to be interesting, personal and a little bit different...



July 5 | Three to Nine to One - The Invention of Monotheism? Moriah Saadon Weinstock, Senior Guide
During this tour, we will discuss the central gods of Egypt’s three main periods: The Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. Divine combat, priestly vengeance, and the crowning glory - the fascinating story of Akhenaten and the revolution that led to the belief in a single supreme god

August 2 | Were the Ancients Astronomers? Dr. Edith Kimchi, Director of Education
What’s the connection between the Milky Way and the Egyptian Goddess Nut? Between the lotus flower and the solar system? Between Orion and the Pyramids? And can we find a parallel in the ancient world to...surfing the internet? Let’s wonder together...


Admittance is included with museum entrance fee | Advance booking is recommended | Number of available places is limited | For details and registration: 02-5611066