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   (Program in Hebrew) 

March 6, 2020 | Women and Creation - Rabba Debbie Shuah Chayim
On the subjects of inverted bowls, female creation and childbirth in the Ancient Near East and modern day. Pregnancy and birth were periods of heightened uncertainty and danger in ancient times. Despite the developments of Western medicine, many women today still feel the need to protect themselves and their child during pregnancy and birth. This tour will introduce us to the protective measures women took in the Ancient Near East during these times of uncertainty, explore the role of women as protectors in the cultures of the lands of the Bible, and use the museum's exhibits as a launchpad to explore feminine creation in the modern world.

April 3, 2020 | “The Beautiful Calf of Egypt” (Jeremiah 46:20) - Moriah Saadon Weinstock, Senior Museum Guide
In this tour we will learn about two central goddesses of the ancient Egyptian religion, who were actually one goddess with two faces: Hathor, the gentle and maternal cow; and Sekhmet, the frightening and dangerous lioness. Hathor was associated with abundance, love, and the pleasures of life, while Sekhmet was responsible for causing disasters and epidemics. In ancient religions, gods and goddesses were associated with different concepts, and often also represented natural phenomena with all their power and unpredictability. The goddess of two faces, Hathor/Sekhmet, represents a unique tension between the abundance and protection she provides, and the death and destruction she can cause.

May 1, 2020 | "What is this service to you?” - The Ancient Near East in Light of Human Rights and Modernity - Gavri Asulin, Senior Museum Guide
A special May Day museum tour  that will traverse countries and languages to learn about the struggles of the poorest sections of ancient society. We will discuss human rights and social struggle, as well as some of the ancient sources of modern conflicts. Gavri Asulin has worked as an activist with organizations for humanitarian aid and social change. Today, he leads tours around Israel that draw contemporary lessons from stories of the past.

June 5, 2020 | From Heroes of Yore to the Comic Superheroes - Eteri Eliashvili, Administrative Assistant, Tour Guide for Street Art and Graffiti, Lover of Comics and Popular Culture
What’s the connection between Hellboy and ancient horns in Mesopotamia? Between Jean Grey, the powerful mutant of the X-Men, and the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet? Between the eternal Wonder Woman and Diana the Amazonian princess? Join me for a fascinating tour of myths of the ancient world, from Mesopotamia to Greece, and their links to the superheroes of modern culture. With the aid of the museum’s gallery exhibits, we will trace how people have imagined their heroes from the dawn of history until today, as well as sources of inspiration for stories of the superheroes we all know and love.



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