Programs and Activities

Fridays in Focus

   (Program in Hebrew) 

Once a month, on Fridays, before noon, a Museum staff member will guide a group through a unique, personal tour on a topic close to their heart.
This is a wonderful opportunity  to experience the museum from a different perspective, explore the main galleries and gain a little insight into the past, present and future, as well as get to know a different member of the museum.
it's going to be interesting, personal and a little bit different...



1.3.19 | Six Months in the Oil of Mor - Preparations for the Persian King’s Feast | Yael Ring, Program Director, Education and Guiding Department
You are invited to join us for feverish preparations for King Ahasuerus’s feast in the magnificent royal Persian courtyard! The tour will begin with the various cosmetics that women (and men!) used in the ancient world. What was kohl and how did ancient Egyptians solve the problem of body odor? From here the tour proceeds to the banquet itself. Beer and wine were  a special indulgence in ancient cultures, but who produced them and how? The tour ends at the Palace of the Persian King, and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the contemporary Greek symposium.


5.4.19 | Bible Lands Museum – A Personal Perspective | Amanda Weiss, Director of the Bible Lands Museum
Come join Amanda Weiss, the director of the museum, as she gives her own personal perspective on the story behind the museum’s establishment. Learn about the vision and principles that guided the museum’s founders, the challenges they faced, and discover the personal history of selected exhibits. Some have a unique or a strong message, while others hold a special place in our hearts – but each one has a story to tell.


3.5.19 | From Gilgamesh to Jung, or ways of coping with existential anxiety from ancient times to the present | Danit Michaels, Senior Guide at the Museum
Psychologist Carl Jung birthed the concept of the collective unconscious, which contains the memories and experiences of human society from the dawn of its existence – a repository of the accumulated experiences of generations which remain as traces of memory. Jung identified specific patterns of behavior within the collective subconscious, built on myths that provided answers to humanity’s anxiety in dealing with the forces of nature. In this tour, Danit Michaels focuses on the hero's journey as a means to discuss the concept of death and the hope of eternal life as expressed in ancient cultures.


14.6.19 | "First is A" – How writing was invented and accompanying revolutions |Rachel Gabay Friedson, senior guide at the Bible Lands Museum.
Rachel Gabay Friedson, an expert on the examination of forged documents, now retired from the Criminal Identification Department at the Israeli Police, invites you to investigate the museum’s galleries together with her. From an object that recites without words, “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid” (beginning of the third millennium BCE), to the inscription "To the water carrier to Larsa" (beginning of the second millennium BCE) – discover how writing was “invented twice" – first with the appearance of cuneiform writing and hieroglyphs, and the later revolution of the alphabet.

Come examine the deep relationship between writing and identity and learn about methods of preventing counterfeiting in the ancient world, from an expert’s perspective.




Admittance is included with museum entrance fee | Advance booking is recommended | Number of available places is limited | For details and registration: 02-5611066