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Wednesday Evening Lectures

Photography: David Saad 


13.11 | "The Silver Platter" - Martyrs and the Makingof a Christian Holy Land, Osnat Rance, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew
18:45 - A special Guided tour of the new Focus Gallery exhibition Display
The recently excavated church in Beit-Shemesh, dedicated to the "Celebrated Martyr", offers us an opportunity to explore the phenomenon of the Cult of the Martyrs, which originated in the first centuries CE. During this formative period of Late Antiquity, the Church Fathers aspired to consolidate a unique Christian identity, different from Judaism and the polytheistic religions that preceded Christianity. The Tales of the Martyrs, the miracles linked to them, and the rituals surrounding them are a vital stage in the construction of a general Christian identity. Moreover, the veneration of the Martyrs also proved a powerful tool in conflicts within the Christian church, by providing a site for communal worship and local patriotism, making it of considerable benefit to various authorities.

In the lecture we will discuss the figures acknowledged as Martyrs, the formation of the Martyr Cult, how and why these figures were recruited in order to support different agendas by bishops, and the grounds for public embracement of the Martyrs.


20.11 | A special Evening in Collaboration with the "Open Restaurants Jerusalem" Festival **
Beginning at 19:00 – Details to come.

Main Lecture: Beer That Cheers the Hearts of Men – On a New Approach to Recreating Ancient Foods – Reviving Yeast Found in Ancient Beer Vessels, Dr. Michael KlutsteinHebrew Univ, Hebrew
**Entrance fee – 55 NIS | Museum Member – 40 NIS | Tickets are available on the festival website; spaces limited


27.11 | Details to come. 

4.12 | Sefer Habri'a (Book of Creation) of R Nathan Ghazzati - a New Discovery About the Sabbatean Movement, Leor Holzer, Palcky univ Czech Rep., Hebrew
18:45 - A special guided tour: Between Language and Creation in the Ancient World

11.12 | Hanukah - the Festival of Lights and Creation - Music and the Bible, Prof. Max Stern Ariel University, English


18.12 | New Discoveries from the Excavations at the "Tiferet Yisrael" Synagogue, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew


25.12 | Hanukkah - No Lecture



* Unless noted otherwise - Tickets must be issued in the reception