Programs and Activities

Wednesday Evening Lectures


23/1/19 – Understanding Athaliah: What Do We Really Know About the Queen of Judah? Prof. Yigal Levin, Bar-Ilan University.

30/1/19 –Tekhelet, Kabbalah, and the Evil Eye, Dr. Gadi Sagiv, The Open University

6/2/19 – The Phoenicians, Tekhelet and Argaman, Dr. Daniel Vainstub, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

13/2/19 – Ancient Stone Complexes in the Jordan Valley: Evidence for the Arrival of the Tribes of Israel? Prof. David Ben Shlomo,

20/2/19 – New Discoveries from Excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath,Prof. Aren M. Meir, Bar-Ilan University.

27/2/19 – Book Launch: The Amorites: Mesopotamia in the Early Second Millennium BCE, by Prof. Nathan Wasserman and Dr. Yigal Bloch. Lectures by Dr. Yigal Bloch, Prof. Uri Gabai and Dr Guy Darshan.

6/3/19 – Who is the "Glorious Martyr" New Findings from Excavations at Ramat Bet Shemesh ,Benjamin Storchen, Antiquities Authority.

13/3/19 –Jewish Theatre and Where to Find it, Efim Rinenberg, “Mikro” Theatre.

20/3/19 –Fast of Esther, No Lecture.

27/3/19 – New finds from Tzipori (Sepphoris) Water Works: Have we Found “krona shel Tzipori”? - Dr. Tsvika Tsuk, Israel Nature and Parks Authorithy

3/4/19 – The Debate over the Dating of the ‘Galilean’- type Synagogues : Khirbet Wadi Hamam as a Case-study, Dr. Uzi Leibner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

10/4/19 – Tel Shikmona in the Iron Age: Phoenicians, Israelites and the Purple Dye Industry, Golan Shalvi, University of Haifa.

17/4/19 – No Lecture

24/4/19 – Passover, No Lecture


*The Series Men and the Sea - In cooperation with The Department of Maritime Civilizations and the Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa.