Programs and Activities

Wednesday Evening Lectures




25.9 | The Divine Presence in the Second Temple Period According to The Book of Chronicles, Dr. Itamar Kislev, Haifa Univ., Hebrew
18:45 - a Special Guided Tour: Gods and their Sacred Spaces in Ancient Times.

2.10 | From Watchtowers to Fortresses – a History of Towers in the Kingdom of Judea in the Lowlands, the Hills and the Desert, Sa'ar Ganor, Israel Antiquities Authority, Hebrew


9.10 | Yom Kippur - No Lecture


16.10 | Sukkot - No Lecture


23.10 | New exhibition in the Focus Gallery - in collaboration with the IAA - Details to come.


30.10 | Ebal - the Place that the Lord shall choose? Zvi Koenigsberg, Hebrew


6.11 | A different Jerusalem - New Insights Following the Latest Discoveries in the City of David Excavations, Dr. Joe Uziel, IAA, Hebrew


13.11 | "The Silver Platter" - Martyrs and the Makingof a Christian Holy Land, Osnat Rance, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew
18:45 - A special Guided tour of the new Focus Gallery exhibition Display


20.11 | A special Evening in Collaboration with the "Open Restaurants Jerusalem" Festival **
Beginning at 19:00 – Details to come.

Main Lecture: Beer That Cheers the Hearts of Men – On a New Approach to Recreating Ancient Foods – Reviving Yeast Found in Ancient Beer Vessels, Dr. Michael KlutsteinHebrew Univ, Hebrew
**Entrance fee – 55 NIS | Museum Member – 40 NIS | Tickets are available on the festival website; spaces limited


27.11 | Details to come. 

4.12 | Sefer Habri'a (Book of Creation) of R Nathan Ghazzati - a New Discovery About the Sabbatean Movement, Leor Holzer, Palcky univ Czech Rep., Hebrew
18:45 - A special guided tour: Between Language and Creation in the Ancient World

11.12 | Hanukah - the Festival of Lights and Creation - Music and the Bible, Prof. Max Stern Ariel University, English


18.12 | New Discoveries from the Excavations at the "Tiferet Yisrael" Synagogue, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew


25.12 | Hanukkah - No Lecture


* Unless noted otherwise - Tickets must be issued in the reception