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The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem holds a unique collection dating back to the beginning of written history. It tells the story of humanity, the story of culture, the story of where we came from and how we got here.
It tells Your Story.


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The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem presents the history of humanity through one of the most important collections of artifacts from the Ancient Near East – the Lands of the Bible.

On display are the great civilizations that rose and flourished in this region – Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Canaan, Persia, Greece and Rome, who were responsible for the advancements of Western civilization. These cultures developed our understanding of science and technology, language and writing, economics and commerce, faith and religion and material culture.

We invite you to explore the greatest revolutions in our ancient history and to discover the power of the continuum that is constantly transforming the world we live in.


The Museum was founded by Dr. Elie and Batya Borowski, whose vision was to establish a cultural and educational institution that would provide an experience centered on the study of human history and its development, connecting visitors to their own roots and culture.

As Dr. Elie Borowski himself said: “The future of mankind has his roots in the past – only through understanding our history we can build a better future.”

Since opening in May 1992, the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem has become an important universal center, offering a variety of special exhibitions, educational programs, cultural events, tours and lectures, as well as hosting professional conferences, seminars and private events throughout the year


You are invited to visit the museum, tread the paths of great nations of the past, discover ancient cultures and distant lands, and connect to the region’s magnificent history.