Family Time

Theatrical story time at the Museum

  Every Wednesday from 10.10 at 17:00 | For Ages 4-8
(Program in Hebrew) 
Ancient legends and mythology to captivate your child's imagination this coming winter!

Come with your children for an hour-long, magical, multi-sensory experience. Mixing stories with drama and a guided tour, the children will be taken to the far-off lands of beloved fairy tales and myths, returning home after each encounter with a new story.


20  February | Athena and the Eagle
A friendship between the childless Athena and a wounded eagle brought them to the gates of Heaven on a quest to find the secret to fertilityand gain an heir.

27  February | Rabbi Hanina and the Stone
When he saw pilgrims coming to Jerusalem with gifts for the Temple, Rabbi Hanina felt sorry that he had nothing to bring. One day he noticed a largestone lying in a field. Would it make a fitting gift?

6  March | Pegasus
Pegasus, the magnificent winged horse who, teams up with an absent-mindedboy to defeated the monstrous fire-breathing monster Chimera.

13  March | King Solomon's Throne
King Solomon's throne wasn't like any other in the world. When the throne was captured and hauled off into exile, King Ahasuerus sought to makeit his own. Discover the history of a particularly special chair.

27  March | King Solomon and the Shamir
Solomon must find the Shamir Worm so that he can build the Temple, but there's a big problem: only Ashmedai the Prince of Demons knows whereit is. The story of King Solomon's journey, according to Bialik.

3  April | The Prince and the Sphinx
Prince Thutmose slips away from Pharaoh's palace to the deep desert, and finds the  Sphinx. This marked the beginning of an enduring friendshipbetween a flesh-and-blood prince and a stone sculpture with a human heart.

10 April | The Parting of the Nile
A story of how Pharoah lost his smile when a magic spell split the waters of the Nile.


Price: Children: NIS 22 | Accompanying Adults: 22 NIS | Three children: 55 NIS | Museum subscribers: Free