Family Time

Theatrical story time at the Museum

Wednesdays | 5:00pm | Ages 4-8
 | Program in hebrew

Once a week, Theatrical Story Time, an hour of magical storytelling,
embarks on a special journey guided by Rivka Shabtai.
We meet in the museum galleries and  set out on a magical adventure that brings ancient myths to life and offers the opportunity to meet legendary heroes in person!
Every time its a different story …


February 26 | “Nim Tanak”
The spurned son of the King of Persia, Nim Tanak, is half the size of his brothers, but takes courage, and goes to fight the monster that kidnapped them. Against all odds he wins, frees his brothers, and inherits the throne. This story hour explores courage, boldness, rejection and acceptance.

March 4 | King Solomon and Ashmedai
King Solomon sits in his sanctuary, a great and majestic palace, and on one of his golden rings the name of God is inscribed. Meanwhile, amidst the dark mountains, in the Kingdom of Shades, sits Ashmedai, King of the Demons, who rules over a well of living water, on which rests a stone inscribed with his seal. One day, Ashmedai asked for King Solomon's ring. When he received it, Ashmedai rose up and kicked Solomon out of his palace, put on his clothing and sat upon his throne. And the holy ring - Ashmedai dropped it into the depths. Now a demon had become king, while the king had become a nomad, wandering around. What will come of Solomon - will he return to kingship? Will he retake his throne? We will reveal these secrets - and more! - at our next Theatrical Story Time – King Solomon and Ashmedai.

March 11 | Shushan Purim - No Meeting

March 18 | The Golden Bowl and the Coals
This week tells the story of the birth of Moses, his childhood in the palace of Pharaoh, and how his life was saved by a whispering fire.

March 25 | Splitting the Nile
A theatrical story hour to celebrate Passover: King Sneferu had everything - a large palace, tons of servants, heaps of silver and gold - but his smile had left his face and his joy was lost. A wise advisor of the king suggested that he head into nature and sail on the lake. There, amongst the song of children, a lost pin, magical words and the lake he crossed, the king finds his lost smile - and happiness.


For Ages 4-8 | Child: 22 NIS | Accompanying Adult: 22 NIS | Three Children: 55 NIS | Museum Member: Free