Family Time

Theatrical story time at the Museum

Every Wednesday |  17:00 | 
Ages 4-8
(Program in Hebrew) 

Theatrical story time is back on 15.5 just before Lag BaOmer,
with the story of Bar Kokhba and the Lion.

The new series is entirely devoted to magical and mythical creatures
Surprises in store!



May 29 | Shavuot: Ruth the Moabite, Dr. Shirley Graetz – New!
Ruth was born in the Land of Moab. At a young age she discovers her neighbors, a family of immigrants from the Land of Judah. She marries Makhlon, a member of their tribe, but disaster strikes. The head of the family dies, followed both his sons. When Ruth’s mother-in-law decides to return to her homeland, Ruth follows her out of a deep sense of shared destiny. Here, in a foreign land, Ruth sets out to rebuild her life. Under the wing of Naomi, Ruth’s independent character takes shape – from an impoverished immigrant and convert to the founder of the royal dynasty of David.

June 5 | Balaam’s Donkey – New!
Balaam ben Baor is summoned to curse the children of Israel in the desert. He sets out on his donkey to fulfill his mission, but strange events transpire on the way. The donkey suddenly heads off-road, lies down and refuses to move, eventually opening its mouth and to speak! Discover the meaning of this bizarre tale, and find out how a curse can become a blessing.

June 12 | Perseus and Medusa 
Perseus is charged with beheading the monster Medusa. With the help of the gods Athena and Hermes and the good nymphs, prideful Perseus succeeds in his difficult mission – but his story doesn’t end here, and neither does Medusa’s…

June 19 | Theseus and the Minotaur – New!
Theseus, prince of Athens, sets out to battle the Minotaur, a terrifying creature. With a sharp sword given to him by Ariadne, the daughter of the king of Crete, Theseus subdues the monster. But the victory is bittersweet and Theseus must leave his beloved princess. Come learn what happens when Theseus returns to Athens a hero.

June 26 | The Trojan Horse
According to myth, the Greeks used subterfuge to take the city of Troy after a decade of failing to rescue Helen – the famed beauty – from the prince who had snatched her from her husband, King Menelaus. Following advice from Odysseus and his son, the Greeks built a giant wooden horse and hid soldiers in its belly. They parked the horse outside the walls of Troy and pretended to abandon their siege. Did the trick succeed? Did Helen return to Menelaus? On our tour, we will visit the Museum’s stunning display of ancient Greek pottery, “Gods, Heroes, and Mortals.”

July 3 | Fereydun and his Sons – New!
Fereydun, the king of Iran, had three full-grown sons. Though he sought brides for them, he had still not given them names. The king of Yemen also had three full-grown daughters, but to marry them, the boys had to prove themselves by fighting a fearsome dragon.
What names did Fereydun's sons earn after overcoming the challenge?

July 10 | Edgar-Bey and the Stork
A wonderful Persian legend about a rich man who loved gold coins – but loved himself even more. Come hear how a stork taught Edgar-Bey a lesson.

July 17 | From the Tales of Destruction – Everything is for the Good – New!
Rabbi Akiva once set out on a journey with a donkey, a rooster, and a candle. His way was long, and at evening, he reached a city. He sought a bed for the night, but no one would host him. Alone in the dark cold night, Rabbi Akiva slept outside the city, but only one thing was on his lips – “Everything is for the good.”
Learn what happened to the residents of the city and Rabbi Akiva.

July 24 | Apophis and Evil
The Egyptian story of creation is written on a lotus flower. How was the day created? Who watches over the night? A story of light and darkness inscribed on the lotus flower, and of gods and snakes, of good and evil. 

July 31 | A Tale from Chinese Mythology – Details Coming Soon!


Child: 22 NIS | Accompanying Adult: 22 NIS | Three Children: 55 NIS | Museum Member: Free!