TBCTL - Bible Study Tour 2020

Israel - Where The Bible Comes to Life

A new joint venture of The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

and The Bible Comes to Life Israel Study Tours.

This unique new program is tailored for Bible enthusiasts

who want to take their study of scripture to the next level.

Join us this February for the trip of a lifetime coordinated by The Bible Comes to Life group leaders
in collaboration with the Bible Lands Museum's researchers and guides.

Dr. Daniel ketchum 

About the Tour:

Nowhere else on earth do the events of Jesus’ life come alive as in Israel, the Holy Land.
With Bible in hand, we will walk in the places Jesus walked, prayed and preached.
We will visit the Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, and the Western Wall.
Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee,  be baptized in the Jordan River, marvel at the Dead Sea Scrolls, visit Masada and Capernaum and so much more! 

“We invite you to dig deep into the roots of the Bible here in the land of Israel and at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem.”

Amanda Weiss,
Director, Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem 

Trip Dates: February 3rd-12th, 2020
Itinerary and Important Info: