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Beer with Ramesses | Jerusalem Open Restaurants Festival 2019

An evening of the Jerusalem Open Restaurants Festival 2019:
Museum tour, lecture, and ancient beer tasting
Wednesday | November 20 | 7:00pm-9:00pm

(Program in hebrew)

Photography: Ronen Goldman

What did Ramses drink? What did ancient people wear to bars?
Most importantly, what’s worth drinking today?
A taste-full evening of beer discussion - from the distant past to the present.
Come for a flavor of modern techniques of beer craft, and learn how dormant yeasts were revived to recreate a beer drunk by people thousands of years ago.

Our ancient beer journey will begin with a short museum tour of remarkable exhibits to help us imagine and understand who was drinking beer in the ancient world, and why. What did a barrel of Egyptian beer look like? What clothes did people wear out to neighborhood bars? And what did people celebrate in pubs?

On our return journey back to the future, we will meet Shapiro Beer's brewing experts for tastes from the present. They will walk us through the modern process of beer-making, tell us about their special brewery, and recommend winter brews, as well as light beers for warm summer evenings. We will sample a variety of beer strains, snack on various cereals, taste a choice selection of Shapiro’s beers, and take home a bottle as a token of the time we had a beer with Ramses.

When you're ready for a beer with Ramses, Dr. Michael Klutstein will reveal which beer the king of Egypt drank, what brand Nehemiah preferred, and what kind of beer Goliath the Philistine distilled - questions he was able to answer with his collaborator, Dr. Ronen Hazan.

Entry Price: 55
₪ | Museum Members: 40 ₪ (with coupon code from the Museum and valid Member ID) | Ticket sales for the event available only on the Festival website . Order in advance!

Photography: Shay Vazdias