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Photography: David Saad

"The Glorious Martyr" 

During salvage excavations conducted south of Ramat Beit Shemesh, remains of an impressive Byzantine church were discovered. An inscription mentions that the church was built in honor of an anonymous “glorious martyr”, whose remains were kept inside. The exhibition presents finds, which shed light on the importance of the Church of the “Glorious Martyr” as a major pilgrimage site during the Byzantine Period.

Gallery talks:

*** Please note that for reasons outside of our control, Benyamin Storchan's gallery talk scheduled for 13.12.19 in the exhibition "the Glorious Martyr" has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.***

Friday | 28.2.20 | 11:00 - Gallery talk with the curator, Oree Meiri  (Hebrew)

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Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem | Opening - January 2020

Gallery talks:
Friday | 2
1.2.20 | 11:00 -  Gallery talk with the curator, Dr. Yigal Bloch (Hebrew)
Friday | 20.3.20 | 10:30 - Gallery talk with the curator, Dr. Yigal Bloch (English)
Friday | 15.5.20 | 11:00 -  Gallery talk with the curator, Oree Meiri (