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The Image of Abraham - A unique coexistence project

The Image of Abraham – is a museum experience-based co-existence program that brings 4th  and 5th gradeArab students, Muslim and Christian, together with Jewish students of the same age.

Based on an understanding of our common heritage, the project themes are inspired by Abraham/Ibrahim, Patriarch to Jews, Christians and Muslims, who bequeathed values of hospitality and the aspiration for peace among neighbors.

Striving to encourage communication and greater understanding the project brings the children to work together in order to learn about the story of Abraham, discover the cultures of the Ancient Near East and trace common elements in their Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage.

Held in four consecutive meetings, this program allows the children to overcome negative stereotypes and realize that through learning about ourselves and each other, we are able to understand our similarities and respect our differences; a vital ingredient for building a future where peaceful coexistence can be realized.

This unique outreaching initiative has been running in the museum for more than 25 years, during whichthousands of Jerusalem's Arab and Jewish students met in the museum.It combines educational and social challenges for all involved and opens the door for understanding and mutual respect.

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