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Special Exhibitions

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem presents the history of the biblical period through exquisite ancient treasures displayed in the Main Exhibition galleries and  Special Exhibitions.

During its 25 year history it has become a world renowned institution making it not only one of Israel's leading museums, but an international showcase on the origins of civilization.


Each special exhibition has it's own catalog which can be purchased at the Museum's shop.
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The Main Exhibition galleries display rare treasures dating from the dawn of civilization to the early Christian era. As you enter the Main Exhibition the millennia unfold before you.

The geographical boundaries of the Bible lands extend from Afghanistan in the East, to the Mediterranean in the West; from the Caucasian Mountains in the North, to Nubia in the South.

Previous Special Exhibitions:

1993 - Enchanted Landscapes - Wall Paintings from the Roman Era 

This exhibition provided a rare opportunity to see some of the finest examples of Roman Wall paintings in Jerusalem.

The collection shows the artistic influence of Roman Art on the Ancient Roman provinces of Syria-Lebanon and the land of Israel. King Herod imported artistans from Rome to decorate his palaces at Masada, Herodian and Jericho.

Fresco fragments from Jerusalem and Samaria were loaned for this exhibition from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Selected highlights of that exhibition remain on display in the museum's Roman Fresco Room.


1995 - Jewish Presence in Ancient Rome

Marking the first cultural exchange between the Vatican and Israel following the historic opening of diplomatic relations.

Most of the artifacts in this exhibition were on loan from the Vatican and the National Museum of Italy. The importance of the spiritual and political relationship between Rome and Jerusalem was a significant feature of the exhibition, which also revealed some surprising aspects of the daily life of the Jewish community of Ancient Rome, including the importance of women in the synagogue and in community leadership.