Family Time

"Wild Pharaohs" - Passover festival for the whole family!

Chol Hamoed Pesach | April 21-24 | 10am-4pm
April 25, second holiday eve | 10am-2pm

Entrance to the museum and all activities are free of charge
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The biggest and most popular Passover festival is back -

and this year the Bible Lands Museum has even more adventures in store!
The whole family is invited to an ancient Egyptian bonanza.

A variety of entertaining activities, including
comic performances about the ancient Egyptians’ understanding of immortality,
a juggling show by a scribe trying to overcome the antics of Moshe Rabbeinu and Aharon HaCohen,
an animated film for children on the development of writing in the ancient world including Egyptian hieroglyphics, and engaging challenges such as puzzles exploring the secrets of the pyramids.

Through drama and stunning visuals, children will learn the secrets of making Egyptian papyrus, the first paper in history. Visitors are invited to discover how pages made from reeds were made and survived for thousands of years. Finally, children are invited to take part in creative workshops where they will make animated magnetic images of the Egyptian god Bes. The largest statue of Bes ever found in Israel is on display for the first time in the new exhibition, Highway Through History, and will inspire children in the workshop.

A pilot project featuring a new combined AR/VR technology invites visitors to experience the ancient exhibits in an entirely new dimension.   The fascinating worlds of ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon awaken, and a mysterious Egyptian burial chamber is miraculously recreated before our eyes.

Photography: Oded Antman