Family Time

Theatrical story time at the Museum

Wednesdays | 5:00pm | Ages 4-8
 | Program in hebrew

Once a week, Theatrical Story Time, an hour of magical storytelling,
embarks on a special journey guided by Rivka Shabtai.
We meet in the museum galleries and  set out on a magical adventure that brings ancient myths to life and offers the opportunity to meet legendary heroes in person!
Every time its a different story …


March 11 | Shushan Purim - No Meeting

March 18 | The Golden Bowl and the Coals
This week tells the story of the birth of Moses, his childhood in the palace of Pharaoh, and how his life was saved by a whispering fire.

March 25 | Splitting the Nile
A theatrical story hour to celebrate Passover: King Sneferu had everything - a large palace, tons of servants, heaps of silver and gold - but his smile had left his face and his joy was lost. A wise advisor of the king suggested that he head into nature and sail on the lake. There, amongst the song of children, a lost pin, magical words and the lake he crossed, the king finds his lost smile - and happiness.


For Ages 4-8 | Child: 22 NIS | Accompanying Adult: 22 NIS | Three Children: 55 NIS | Museum Member: Free