Family Time

Summer Fun at the Bible Lands Museum

 A Place for Everyone

 This summer the Bible Lands Museum is turning its main galleries into interactive environments
that engage adults and children simultaneously.
Every member of the family is invited to experience the galleries together,
and to enjoy, history and art in a language that speaks to all ages and backgrounds.
Visitors will find a trove of surprises for an on-hands learning experience: rolling cylinder seals to create beautiful impressions, minting coins, solving a giant mosaic puzzles, building pyramids, painting clay jugs, and selfie photos as Pharaoh, Achashverosh, or King David. 

“Summer Fun”
July-August | All Day, Every Day

 Interactive Simulation Stations, Games, and Surprises in the Galleries
Rolling a cylinder seal; Fun2C AR/VR ancient Egyptian experience; tangram pyramids; ancient costumes; the king’s throne; coin engraving; puzzles; crafts Inspired by ancient Greece and Rome; the BLMJ Race smartphone game and more....

Wednesdays in July
16:00 – A behind-the-scenes look at the museum

17:00 – Theatrical Story Time
Ages 4-8 | Child: 22 NIS | Accompanying Adult: 22 NIS | Museum Member: Free!

August (starting 4.8)
The Magical Mystery Tour 
In August, the Bible Lands Museum will magically transform into a school for witches and wizards!
Children of all ages are invited to join a unique theatrical tour.
You will meet the famous Spell Master and learn ancient secrets on your way to becoming a certified wizard.
Mix potions, write spells, make talismans, practice ancient medicine, and exorcise demons on a humorous theatrical tour through the Museum’s galleries.
Everyone is invited for this magical journey.

Sundays - Thursdays at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 | Wednesdays also at 16:30
Ages 5-10 | Child: 35 NIS | 3 or more children: 30 NIS/Child | Accompanying Adult: 22 NIS |
Museum Member: Free!


Photography: Oded Antman