Family Time

Hanukkah for Families

 Tuesday-Thursday | Dec. 24-26 | 26-28 Kislev
Sunday-Monday | Dec. 29-30 | 1-2 Tevet

In celebration of the Festival of Lights, the BLMJ invites children and their parents to a light-filled festival! Including  interactive theatrical tours and Workshops. The festival will feature the Orna Porat Children’s Theater, as well as the Mystery Theater, presenting the world premiere of its new production!

(Program in hebrew)


Dramatized Tours following in the footsteps of Devorah, the Wife of Lapidot

Orel Lapidot's Bat Mitzvah is fast approaching. She dreams of a party like in the movies, but her parents won’t allow it, and they condition it with a special task- that she will write her own Bat Mitzvah speech. Orel is given a bag that originally belonged to Devorah, the Wife of Lapidot, that has been passed down in their family for generations, containing an ancient scroll that will help her write the speech.

During a theatrical tour, participants will accompany Orel through the museum with a pack and scroll, solving quests and riddles, searching for torches, ancient lamps, and even ancient hairstyles.

Participants will meet a Helenistic Jewish lamp-maker who will show them how to make wicks, a Bible professor from the Hebrew University who will offer Orel a surprising gift, and even the Mesopotamian god of justice who will demonstrate the link between justice and light.

After the tour, participants will take part in an enlightening craft workshop - making their own oil lamps, spinning thread to make the wicks, and even making lamps they can light without fire!

Dramatized Tours following in the footsteps of Devorah, the Wife of Lapidot:
Tours leave at: 10:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm | Duration: One hour

An Enlightening Craft Workshop: Oil Lamps, Wicks, and Lamps that Light without Fire
Workshop Times: 10:30am-4:00pm | Duration: one hour approx.

Orna Porat Children’s Theater and Mystery Theater Performances

“The Last Tree” - world premiere of the Mystery Theater’s 
Thursday | 26.12 | 14:00
A modern comic retelling of a classic fairy tale - “Red Riding Hood and Life in the Woods.” Zabik the contractor threatens to destroy the forest and build a mall, but Red Riding Hood is determined to save the last tree in the forest. Mystery Theater is a Jerusalem-based group that creates visionary theatrical experiences specializing in outdoor and context-specific performances in Israel and around the world.

 “The Big Wish” - Orna Porat Children’s Theater
Sunday | 29.12 | 12:00
A heartfelt story about surprising friendships, dreams, hopes, and succeeding with the help of the loved ones around us. 
The Orna Porat Children’s Theater is an experienced theater company, famous for its unique musical productions.

Tour + Workshop Price
Child - 35₪ | Three Children and Up - 30  ₪per Child (discount code - 1219) | Museum Members - Free  Accompanying Adult - 22 ₪ (up to 2 adults per child)

Performance Entry
Child* 35₪ | Museum Member - 30 ₪ | Accompanying Adult - 22₪  (up to 2 adults per child)

Tour, Workshop, and Performance Package Price
Child* - 50₪ | Three Children and Up - 45₪ (discount code - 1219) | Museum Member - 30 ₪ | Accompanying Adult - 35 ₪ (up to 2 adults per child)

Price for Workshop Only (to be purchased on-site)
Child* - 25₪ | Accompanying Adult 22₪ | Museum Member - Free

*Paid participation starting at age 3

Activity stations are available for families all day
The Special Children’s Map can be found at the Musuem Reception


Activities are appropriate for children aged 5-10
Please Register for Activities in Advance | 
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