Family Time

Sukkot | A Festival of Writing


Free entry for children starting first grade!

   (Program in Hebrew)

To celebrate the new school year, the Bible Lands Museum invites children from all over Israel to come together with their parents this Sukkot to a festival of the origins of writing, letters and words. This unique project gives visitors the opportunity to trace the invention of writing in its different forms, and learn about changes in written communication over time. Participants will explore the shared origins of all forms of writing, including ideograms of animals, human figures, body parts, structures, objects, and more, which later evolved into the written signs we know it today.

The Festival will host fun, immersive tours through the museum involving the Phoenician and Jewish alphabets. There will be games based on ancient languages, and art workshops. Visitors will investigate ancient languages, and modern reinventions of those languages.  Participants will be able to delve deep into the rich heritage of ancient Hebrew, cuneiform script, Egyptian hieroglyphs and more.

For Children ages 5-10


First Grade Children Enter Free
Adult: 44 NIS | Child: 32 NIS | 3 or more children: 29 NIS/Child (discount code - 1019) 
Senior Citizens: 22 NIS |  Museum Member: Free