Family Time

Chanukah Festival for the whole family

Tuesday-Thursday | 4-6.12 | 25-27 Kislev
Sunday-Monday | 9-10.12 | 1-2 Tevet

Free admission for children!


Tours, creative workshops and shows for the whole family:

The Mystery of the Hidden Pitcher - Interactive Tour and Creative Workshop

Duration: Approximately two hours
The activity is suitable for children aged 5-10
Times: 10:30am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

The Bible Lands Museum invites you to join the hunt to track down a mysterious object! Take part in a quest to find a pitcherwith magical qualities that disappeared years ago.

Shlomit the Hasmonean, a descendant of the well-known Hasmonean royal family, has received an important message - a famous pitcher is hidden inan archaeological museum in Jerusalem, and it’s her responsibility to get it back safe and sound.

Take a dramatic tour packed with missions and riddles, see ancient pitchers from various lands, come face-to-face with a cunning Greekgod and a mummy which has not been fully embalmed, all while hunting for the magical pitcher that everyone wants to claim as their own - the pitcher with super-powers that multiplies everything contained inside. Join Shlomit’s rescue mission and help them find  the pitcher.

After the tour, participants are invited to a fun creative workshop!

PricesChildren 35 NIS | 3 children 30 NIS each (discount code - 2612) | Adults going with children - 20 NIS (up to two such adults) | subscribers - Free


Children’s Shows by The Orna Porat Theater

The Orna Porat Theater is coming to the museum for the Hanukkah Festival
with a series of plays for the whole family:

4.12 | 12:00 - Mr. Simon's shoes
Mr. Simon moves to a new country. In his new home, Mr. Simon decides it’s time to part with the old pair of shoes he’s had for years, and replace them with a new pair… but somehowhe just cannot get rid of the old ones. Every time he throws them out, no matter how far away, they always come back to him miraculously. A funny, moving show that teaches us to accept the new things in our lives while also realizing that we can miss the old things, because they will always remind us where we came from and what we used to be.

5.12 | 12:00 - Friends on the bridge
This is a story about two of the best friends in the world. During the day they help one another at work, and in the evenings share jokes and drink tea together outside. One day, the two friends have a massive argument over a tiny little thing, and end up falling out to the point that they no longer want to see one another. Just then, a charming and wise carpenter comes to the village and to their great surprise, the two learn thatfriendship is the most important thing and it’s not worth ruining for any reason, big or small.

6.12 | 14:00  - The City Mouse and the Field Mouse
Bubby and Chupchik are two mice who grew up as best friends, until their paths separate - Bubby leaves for the big city, and Chupchik makes his home out in the open field. Some yearslater, Bubby the city mouse comes to stay with his friend. Chupchik is excited to see his old friend, but Bubby isn’t able to enjoy himself. He dislikes the food, the atmosphere, and even finds sleeping difficult. He insists that Chupchik comes to visit thecity and see what the "good life" is. Chupchik gladly accepts the invitation and is initially impressed by the city’s wonders, but quickly loses his enthusiasm as his visit ends in terrible danger and great disappointment. The two friends, who earlier thoughtthey would never part again, learn that what’s good for one person isn’t always good for others, and that everyone has their own way of doing things. You can respect the preferences of others  - and still remain good friends forever.

9.12 | 12:00 - The Golden Sabbath
Joseph, humble and generous, works hard to earn a living, but does not forget to help others, unlike his rich and miserly neighbour. One day, the rich neighbor dreams that all hismoney has been taken away from him and given to Joseph. The neighbor, terrified by the dream, quickly changes all his money for a big bar of gold that he looks after carefully, to make sure that his dream does not come true. While the neighbor getscaught up in cunning schemes and tricks in order to keep Joseph away from the gold, Joseph continues to act respectfully and modestly, treating others nicely, until a surprising conclusion.
Will the neighbor's dream become reality? Will poor Joseph become rich? And what is more important - wealth or happiness?
This touching play demonstrates the benefits of helping others, and teaches us about the importance of humility and being grateful
for what we have.

10.12 | 12:00 - Mr. Simon's shoes

Prices for the showChildren - 35 NIS | Adults going with children - 20 NIS (up to two such adults)


Prices for tour, workshop, and show:

Children - 50 NIS | 3 children - 45 NIS each (discount code - 2612) |
 Adults going with children - NIS 35 (up to two such adults)

For more information and registration - 02-5611066