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Wednesday Evening Lectures

Photography: David Saad 

wednesday | 19:30 | Admittance is included with museum entrance fee


29.1 | 17th Annual Dr. Elie Borowski Memorial Lecture
King Herod's Masada – Vision, Ideology and Reality, Dr. Guy Stiebel, Tel Aviv University, English
The ancient site of Masada, mentioned in the writings of Pelvius Josephus, was first identified in 1838 when a pair of American researchers, Robinson and Smith, spotted ruins of a building associated with the northern palace of King Herod, while using a telescope placed near the Ein Gedi spring. Since then Herod's fortress at Masada has been the focus of dozens of studies examining architecture, interior design on wall hangings, stucco decorations, and palace mosaics from the King's time. Herod, described as the greatest builder in the history of the Land of Israel, left behind not only architectural wealth but also the material culture remains that shed light on society and everyday life. Discoveries from renewed excavations will be presented in the lecture that facilitate discussion of the site's palaces and overall appearance, as well as the themes of landscape design and the environment in Roman high society and Herod's role in developing these elements of aristocratic culture. The lecture will explore the King's network of contacts with the wider world, especially with Rome and with Augustus and Marcus Agrippa, and will propose some new interpretations of Herod's character and actions.


5.2 |
 Was Usha the City of the Sanhedrin? Yair Amitsur, IAA, Hebrew

12.2 |
 No Lecture

19.2 |
 A Monument in the Landscape – A Jewish Pyramid and a Roman Temple in Hurvat Midras, Dr. Orit Peleg Bareket, Hebrew University, Hebrew

26.2 | Himyar and Other Ancient Kingdoms of South Arabia, Dr. Yehuda Dagan, Hebrew
Accompanying the exhibition, Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem
4.3 | The Conspiracy of Bigthan and Teresh and the Roots of Anti-Semitism
, Dr. Noah Hacham, Hebrew University, Hebrew

11.3 |
 Shushan Purim No Lecture

18.3 |
 A Personal Journey in Yemen – Views of a Fading World, Naftali Hilger, A Photographer and Explorer, Hebrew
Accompanying the exhibition, Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem
25.3 |
 From the Bar Kochva Refuge to Roman Cult – Marking a Decade since Excavation of the Twins Cave, Prof. Boaz Zissu, Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew

1.4 | Gallery Talk – To Be Announced

8.4 | Passover – No Lecture

15.4 | Passover – No Lecture

22.4 | Carved in Stone1948 Jerusalem Unearthed through Archaeology, Yahushua Lavi, Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew




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