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Wednesday Evening Lectures

 Free with Museum Admission*

Our outstanding lecture series is back with a variety of fascinating topics
in archeology, history, anthropology and the biblical narrative,
delivered by leading researchers and experts.



19/6/19 - Book Launch – Cuneiform in Canaan:
Opening Remarks and Introduction, Dr. Yigal Bloch
Cuneiform in Canaan:  A Personal Perspective, prof. Wayne Horowitz
Three Tablets from Hazor:  What They and They Alone Can Teach Us, Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor
The Age ofEmpires - Cuneiform Texts from the Southern Levant dated to the first MillenniumBCE, Peter Zilberg
The lecture will deal with firstMillennium cuneiform texts and objects found in the region of the southern Levant.An examination of these texts and their historical context will allow us togain a deeper understanding of the Mesopotamian imperial impact on the region.  


26/6/19 – The Importance of Gardens as a Means of Control in Antiquity - from the Ancient Near East to the Renaissance, Rona Evyasaf, Technion, Hebrew

7/3/19 - Fabric Tales: Dressing Customs in the Roman Era, Dr. Guy Stiebel, Tel Aviv University 

Mythical and real - observations on space - A series in honor of the Moon Landing 50th Anniversary - Apollo 11!
On July 20th 1969, at 10:56pm the first man walked on the moon. Thousands of years before that "small step", the ancients looked to the skies, seeking order and an understanding of the appearance of heavenly bodies, and gave them mythical and practical significance.
In a series of three lectures, we will examine the fascinating concepts surrounding man's connection to heaven and space throughout the ages. Ancient Babylonian astronomy, ancient traditions involving the moon and sky and contemporary concepts of space will all be examined through comparative ethno-astronomy, Astro- sociology, and studies on the connection between science and consciousness.

July 10th 2019, 7 Tammuz - Heavenly bodies and the order on earth.

July 17th 2019, 14 Tammuz - Essence and Reflection
The man on the Moon and the Child in the Moon of North Africa: Was Neil Armstrong the First?, Prof. Wayne Horowitz, The Hebrew University.
The unity of the universe - Between social structures and the order of the stars (Astro-sociology - astronomical evidence of unity in the universe), Dr. Alon Rotter

June 24th 2019, 21 Tammuz - Moon over Babylon: The Order of Heaven and Earth or Chaos in Space, Prof. Wayne Horowitz, The Hebrew University
Consciousness and science - from the brain to the universe, Prof. Oded Maimon, Tel Aviv University

July 31st 2019 - Emigration - from destruction to rebirth – an evening together with the Old Yishuv Court Museum.
18:45 - A short tour of the museum: Exiles and foreigners in the ancient East.
19:30 - Houses of Prayer and Remembrance - The Jewish Quarter Refugees' Synagogues after the War of Independence, A lecture by Dr. Reuven Gafni, Kinneret Academic College.


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