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Wednesday Evening Lectures

Photography: David Saad 

wednesday | 19:30 | Admittance is included with museum entrance fee

11.12 | Hanukah - the Festival of Lights and Creation - Music and the Bible, Prof. Max Stern Ariel University, 
The lighting of the Hanukah menorah is - in miniature - a reenactment of the act of Creation. From darkness and blind confusion, love created light and its companion, radiant day – sound and the art of music. 


18.12 | New Discoveries from the Excavations at the "Tiferet Yisrael" Synagogue, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew
In recent years I conducted a number of archaeological excavations at the site of the Glory of Israel (Tiferet Israel) Synagogue, destroyed by the Jordanian Legion in May 1948. The earliest remains date to the Iron Age II (8th–6th cent. BCE), corresponding to the first stage of settlement in today’s Jewish Quarter; i.e., Jerusalem’s Southwestern Hill. From the days of the Second Temple a stone weight inscribed with the name “Kathros” was discovered, likely belonging to the high priestly family of the same name. Also uncovered was evidence of a devastating conflagration layer from the time of the Great Revolt. Finally, remains of a large, mosaic-paved structure from the Byzantine period were found, possibly a hitherto unknown church. In my lecture, I will discuss these and other fascinating finds concealed beneath the synagogue’s cellar floor. 

25.12 | Hanukkah - No Lecture



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