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Wednesday Evening Lectures



23.10 | Opening of the new exhibition "The Glorious Martyr", in collaboration with the IAA
18:30: Exhibition opening
19:30: Opening of the Conference "Innovations in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Environs" | Rina Talgam, chair
Lectures by: Benyamin Storchan, Yael Gorin-Rosen, Roy Albag


30.10 | Ebal - the Place that the Lord shall choose? Zvi Koenigsberg, Hebrew
For almost 40 years, since its discovery by a team led by Professor Adam Zertal, the altar at Mt. Ebal has stirred interest in Israelite cultic activities and the beginnings of the conquest of the Land of Israel.

Was the altar built by the Israelites upon arrival in the land, and do the finds lend support to the description of the ceremony of the Blessing and the Curse as described in Deuteronomy and Joshua?  And where were these tribes supposed to make a pilgrimage, 3 times a year?
Zvi Koenigsberg, among the early Israeli settlers in the area, accompanied Prof. Zertal in his research in different places, and helped organize the excavations at Ebal from their inception. In addition, he was the first to identify the central structure as a burnt-offering altar. Since then, for almost 40 years, he has been examining the relationship between the finds at Ebal and the biblical text, as well as the other related disciplines. 
The lecture will be introduced by Prof. Gaby Barkay, and is taking place on the fourth anniversary of Zertal's passing, October 18, 2015.


6.11 | A different Jerusalem - New Insights Following the Latest Discoveries in the City of David Excavations, Dr. Joe Uziel, IAA, Hebrew


13.11 | "The Silver Platter" - Martyrs and the Makingof a Christian Holy Land, Osnat Rance, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew
18:45 - A special Guided tour of the new Focus Gallery exhibition Display


20.11 | A special Evening in Collaboration with the "Open Restaurants Jerusalem" Festival **
Beginning at 19:00 – Details to come.

Main Lecture: Beer That Cheers the Hearts of Men – On a New Approach to Recreating Ancient Foods – Reviving Yeast Found in Ancient Beer Vessels, Dr. Michael KlutsteinHebrew Univ, Hebrew
**Entrance fee – 55 NIS | Museum Member – 40 NIS | Tickets are available on the festival website; spaces limited


27.11 | Details to come. 

4.12 | Sefer Habri'a (Book of Creation) of R Nathan Ghazzati - a New Discovery About the Sabbatean Movement, Leor Holzer, Palcky univ Czech Rep., Hebrew
18:45 - A special guided tour: Between Language and Creation in the Ancient World

11.12 | Hanukah - the Festival of Lights and Creation - Music and the Bible, Prof. Max Stern Ariel University,


18.12 | New Discoveries from the Excavations at the "Tiferet Yisrael" Synagogue, Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Hebrew Univ, Hebrew


25.12 | Hanukkah - No Lecture



* Unless noted otherwise - Tickets must be issued in the reception