Visitor Info

Visitor Info


                                                                                               Photo: Mel Brokman


Special Opening Hours | Municipal Elections Day

October 30, Tuesday | the museum opening hours: 


Museum Opening Hours | Open 7 Days a week! 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday          9:30–17:30
Wednesday                                                 9:30–21:30 (Not included holiday and chol hamoed)
Friday, Saturday& holiday eve                   10:00–14:00


Daily Guided Tours  | Free with Museum Admission 
Join our museum guided tours in the exhibition: Out of the Blue

Sunday - Friday  
English 10:30 | Hebrew 11:00

Additional tour on Wednesdays
English 17:30 | Hebrew 18:00

Hebrew only 11:30

Groups by Advance Reservation: By telephone: 972-2-5955330, by E-mail:

BLMJ Store Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday       9:30–17:30 
Wednesday                                              9:30–19:30
Friday&Holidays Eves                              10:00–14:00


Museum Shop: By telephone 972-2-5955336, by E-mail:   


Cafe Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday      10:00–16:00 

Wednesday                                             10:00–20:00 

Friday & Holiday Eves                             10:00–13:30 

Kosher dairy cafe under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate.